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Rosanne Smith: There seems to be some confusion regarding my involvement concerning the city Ordinance Codification. Why I was “thrown under the bus” at the November meeting I do not know. But being labeled a “malcontent” is worth it.
U.S. Senator Mike Crapo: Idaho veterans and veterans service providers have been among those assisting with hurricane recovery and other emergency response. Staff from the Boise Veterans Affairs Medical Center headed to Puerto Rico to assist. Area veterans and veterans service providers have skills of great use in a variety of fields, especially emergency response.
Pastor Brent Dehlbom: I write to endorse Val Thompson for Bonners Ferry City Council. Val has served as an educator, with a full heart and open mind, for over 20 years. In this capacity, I witnessed leadership qualities that make her an excellent city council candidate.
U.S. Congressman Raul Labrador: One of the best things about my job is helping Idahoans solve problems by turning their good ideas into law. This week, the House passed a bill to enact a really good idea brought to me by a pair of third-generation Idaho loggers.
U.S. Congressman Raul Labrador: I watched with growing frustration during the Obama Administration as environmentalists used sage grouse as a tool to shut down livestock grazing, energy development and other multiple uses of our federal lands. But I have some good news from the Trump Administration.
Mike Ashby: Since I do not live within the city limits of Bonners Ferry, my endorsement of Ken Toline for the Bonners Ferry City Council is more from a personal nature rather than a political one. I would simply like to inform the good folk who will be voting in the November 7 city election what I know of Mr. Toline, both professionally and personally.
U.S. Senator Mike Crapo: This column is the third in a series of columns to discuss the need for comprehensive tax reform, rather than solely debating traditional rate cuts, review many of the tax reform proposals and ideas put forward from across the political spectrum, consider how reforms are estimated and reflect on the potential effects of the reforms being considered.
U.S. Congressman Raul Labrador: President Reagan used to say, “America is great because America is good; and if she ever ceases to be good, she will cease to be great.” In the last month, we have seen both the goodness and greatness of America in the face of tragedy.
Valley View PTO: The Valley View Parent Teacher Organization would like to thank everyone who came out to support our book fair this past week. You helped make it a huge success!
Rosanne Smith: Being an informed and aware citizen is a powerful tool and the recent article concerning local law enforcement efforts was both informative and useful.
U.S. Congressman Raul Labrador: As most of you know, I was born in Puerto Rico and lived there until I was 13. After that, my mom and I moved to Las Vegas, where we lived for the next four years. While I’ve spent my adult life in Idaho and raised my family here, I will always have strong connections to Puerto Rico and Las Vegas.
U.S. Senator Mike Crapo: I recently wrote about the need for comprehensive tax reform to lower the burden on all Americans and make the tax code fairer, flatter and simpler. This column is meant to be the second in a series of columns to delve into the need for comprehensive reform.
Kirk Dixon: I want to thank Dave Kramer for his symposium for neighborhood watch. It's a really good idea. I'd like to mention that we as citizens should never forget our second amendment rights.
U.S. Congressman Raul Labrador: I wanted to share some great news with you: On Tuesday, I voted for, and the House passed, H.R. 36, the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. This bill prohibits abortions 20 weeks after conception because of the substantial evidence that unborn babies at this stage can and do feel pain.
U.S. Senator Mike Crapo: Serious work on federal tax reform is encouraging, as the best way to strengthen families, support small business growth and job creation and boost our national economy is to enact pro-growth comprehensive tax reform. The tax code is weighing us down and in need of comprehensive reform to lower the burden on all Americans and make the tax code fairer, flatter and simpler.
Editor Mike Weland: For those who've noticed an inordinate number of typos in NewsBF articles over the last couple of days, my apologies. I've gone back through and tried to do a bit of clean up, and while I'm remiss, I'm pretty excited, too. Five-plus years post-stroke, I now have a doctor who believes I can regain at least some use on my left side, and I just set off down that path.
Idaho Governor C.L. "Butch" Otter: As wildfire season winds down in Idaho and other parts of the West, one initiative ramping up in Idaho has the potential to tamp down fears about the future of federal lands that make up so much of our state.
Brian Leach: I am the "horse murderer's" son (see "Warrant served on horse rescue facility," September 20), and I just would like to clear something up.
U.S. Congressman Raul Labrador: This year will go down as one of the worst fire seasons in U.S. history. With fires still burning across the West, federal wildfire spending has reached $2.4 billion – topping the previous record of $2.1 billion in 2015.
Rosanne Smith: The City Council of Moyie Springs is moving forward to make our fire department a corporation. The reason for this is then the RR will give/donate funds to build a new fire station.
Patricia Christo: What a wonderful article (Locals taking part in Walk to End Alzheimer's, September 11)! Thank you for publishing! Thank you for walking!
U.S. Senator Mike Crapo: Fourteen years ago, congressional colleagues and I crafted the Healthy Forests Restoration Act of 2003 to help provide the U.S. Forest Service with the tools needed to do the necessary work on the ground to restore our forests to health and reduce the threat of catastrophic wildfire to our communities and ecosystems.
U.S. Congressman Raul Labrador: This week, the House took strong action to deal with the ever-growing threat of transnational criminal gangs such as MS-13. The House passed my bill, H.R. 3697, which bars alien gang members from coming to the U.S. and detains and removes them if they are criminal gang members or participate in gang activity.
U.S. Congressman Raul Labrador: As I travel across Idaho this month I hear a lot about what some people call “kitchen table issues:” jobs, the economy, education, healthcare, retirement security, etc; I don’t hear a lot about whatever the national media is obsessed about these days.
U.S. Congressman Raul Labrador: Last month I wrote you about the House’s unanimous passage of the Harry W. Colmery Veterans Education Assistance Act, which includes a bill I introduced to bring relief to veteran families. I have more good news.
U.S. Senator Mike Crapo: “Today, we need to feed some 7 billion people. By the year 2050, that population will swell to 9.5 billion ... To put the demand for food into perspective, we are going to have to double our production between now and 2050. We will have to produce more food in the next 30 years than has been produced in the last 8,000 years ..."
Rosanne Smith: It’s gotta be the eclipse cuz’ I’m sure not seeing straight. The Moyie Springs City Council, based on the wishes of one member, is writing an Ordinance that makes using “Jake Brakes” (unmuffled) within the city limits an offense.
Dani and James Gutierrez‎: I would like to take a minute to thank your community. My mom, Glenna Garrison, passed away on August 2.
U.S. Senator Mike Crapo: I recently co-sponsored legislation introduced by Senator John McCain (R-Arizona) calling on the U.S. Department of Defense and other federal agencies to prioritize efforts to identify and recover unaccounted American military personnel.
U.S. Congressman Raul Labrador: Thomas Jefferson once said, “Agriculture is our wisest pursuit, because it will in the end contribute most to real wealth, good morals and happiness.” Here in Idaho, we know that firsthand.
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