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Here's a whopper
January 5, 2018
Recently, Stuart Nelson Jr. wrote about growth in the county. While I agree with his concern, I do not agree with his proposals for private property management.

I believe that our Commissioners and County P&Z have done an extraordinary job in balancing the wishes of the landowner and doing what is best for the county and its citizens.

If managing growth is a concern, the following would be a whopper.

From the December 21, 2017, Bonners Ferry Herald: “Request for Qualification Boundary County - Sewer District Study Boundary County is requesting proposals from qualified engineering firms for the design of a regional sewer study in the county that would encompass the towns of Moyie Springs, Bonners Ferry and the Three Mile Area.”

Think it won’t concern you because you live outside those areas? I believe it becomes a “taxing district” similar to the library, ambulance, school, etc.

You may not use it but you will be paying for it.
Rosanne Smith
Moyie Springs
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