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Voices together can make a difference
January 13, 2018
For those of you who have expressed concerns over the Highway 95 reconstruction project, this is the email I received from Damon Allen at ITD. It basically states that concerns of one citizen are not taken into account, so if you have concerns and want to make a difference, then I ask that you make a simple phone call or write a quick email posting your concerns.

One person can't make a difference, but many can. Here is a copy of my response from ITD:

"Tim, thanks for the discussion the other day. I consulted with the designer, the project engineer and mayor again around your primary comments.
  "1. Signal at Alderson … as discussed, unfortunately the traffic analysis does not warrant a signal at this time. The old signal has to physically be removed to construct the new widened street. Once the City completes their transportation plan we can re-engage when, where and if a signal is warranted. We could potentially construct a signal with the next phase of the project or a standalone project in the future if need be.
  "2. Number of lanes on the hill … as discussed, the design is to get traffic merged into one lane well before the cross walk to optimize safety for the pedestrians and allow for the RT turn lane into Kootenai street. The City still felt that was important. As discussed with you and the mayor, we will not be putting in hard medians and will be using striping paint, so once the project is complete we can make easy adjustments to the paint based on how it is actually performing.
  "3. The access to business can and will be adjusted on a case by case basis with the individual property owners to best accommodate them and the safety of the road.

"So … the project will be bid and constructed pretty close to how it is currently depicted. Again, thanks for your comments and passion for transportation in your area. We will enter these comments into the record for the project."

I would highly suggest attending the City Council Meeting at 7 p.m. Tuesday, January 16, and voice your concerns from the city's standpoint. The council does appreciate our involvement.

Here are some people you can write to by email:

Bonners Ferry Mayor David Sims,, ITD personnel Ben Ward,, Dan Budd,, and  Damon Allen,, ITD board member Jim Coleman via, and of course our Idaho State Senator Shawn Keough and advocate of the people,

Of course this is only paint, but that paint makes a huge difference on traffic flow and there is no reason to get started off on the wrong foot. Now is the time to get started because of how slow the government is.

Please feel free to share.
Tim West
Bonners Ferry
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