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Supports Snyder for Congress
March 9
7 March 2018

To the Editor:

Primary election day is May 15 here in Idaho and the campaigns are heating up as most, if not all, of the winners in May will also be the winners in November. When I'm looking at a candidate for office I have two questions: 1- Do I agree with their positions and platform? 2- Do I believe they will stick to these stated positions while in office?

In the race for our next congressman here in Idaho's first congressional district, Michael Snyder wins my support on both counts. His campaign website ( states his positions more extensively and with greater clarity than any other candidate I've studied. I also believe he will be able to stick to his positions in office because they are the result of his long-held and deeply-rooted beliefs, not positions taken as the result of campaign market research in order to garner the most votes. Meeting, hearing, and talking with Michael has further cemented my belief that he is our best choice to represent us in Washington. His passion for Idaho and our nation is obvious.

But don't take my word for it. Check out his positions at Come on out and meet Michael at his Sandpoint Town Hall at the Holiday Inn Express on March 15 at 6:30 pm. Finally, cast your vote with confidence on May 15!

Charity Catlin
wife, mother, and midwife in Elmira
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