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Being labeled a 'malcontent' is worth it
November 11, 2017
An open letter to Moyie Springs City Council. There seems to be some confusion regarding my involvement concerning the city Ordinance Codification. I initially agreed to assist in the work.

At the October meeting I was given the Codification Workbook. At that same meeting, a zoning/change of land use matter was scheduled for discussion and a ruling. After I posed a question, council member Terry Johnson stated that the council was not going to post notices, not hold public hearings because the zoning/land use ordinance (circa 1973) in question did not call for it and they were just not going to do it.

It is my belief ordinances are based in law. After much thought, I felt it would be an exercise in futility and hours wasted since my view differed considerably from those held by the council. I notified the city clerk of my reasons and returned the workbook less than 48 hours after the October meeting.

The Clerk contacted me days later and I agreed to look at the workbook but gave no commitment. The Clerk also stated she was going to give all the council members a book at the November meeting and they needed to do the work. I considered the matter closed.

Why I was “thrown under the bus” at the November meeting I do not know. But being labeled a “malcontent” is worth it.
Rosanne Smith
Moyie Springs
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