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Val brings commitment, relationship, persistence
November 4, 2017
I write to endorse Val Thompson for Bonners Ferry City Council. Val has served as an educator, with a full heart and open mind, for over 20 years. In this capacity, I witnessed leadership qualities that make her an excellent city council candidate.

To put it simply, Val is the best educator with whom I have worked. I relied heavily on her leadership to unite staff in diverse situations. People might have had differing ideas regarding how to move forward, but Val consistently brought them together to highlight their best.

Though Val is highly educated, with dynamic teaching skills and cutting-edge ideologies that set her apart as a teacher, three aspects of her personality will make her a fantastic council member: commitment, relationship and persistence.

As the most committed teacher I ever met, Val believes in people, and she will do whatever needed to ensure her students’ and colleagues’ success ... a quality directly transferable to city council. This hometown girl is absolutely committed to the well being of all Bonners Ferry citizens, regardless of party affiliations or ideologies.

Val develops relationships of care with others. When their opinions differ, she listens and evaluates their ideas, building consensus and buy in. In city governance, relationships with other council members and constituents is often a missing element, so people don’t feel that the council cares or hears their concerns.

Val has an innate ability to develop relationships, she cares about this town and its people, and she will listen to their views and concerns.

Finally, Val’s persistence has possibly served her best and will continue to as city council person. Val never gives up on a job. When a task must be done, she conquers it despite obstacles. No doubt, Val will stick to the job in city council with dogged persistence until the jobs get done for Bonners Ferry!

Some people have commitment, some the ability to develop relationships, and some persistence, but a rare person possesses all three of these qualities needed for local government leadership.

I endorse Val Thompson for City Council with no absolutely no reservation!
Pastor Brent L. Dehlbom
Bonners Ferry
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