Rebecca Huseby
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They're called 'blessings'

They’re everywhere you look – they sneak up on you from behind – they catch you by surprise, out of the blue – they turn your world on its ear – and sometimes we mistake them for something quite different!

A poem for Father's Day

A Father is the reflection of the One we can not see.
He is a creator … not of material universes and elements to be
touched and observed, but of concepts, attitudes and perception.

You Were There

There was someone there to feed me,
when I couldn’t hold my spoon
A tender voice to calm my fears
when darkness filled my room ... for you, Mom.


Words … how many times have I said that words are such feeble folk? They are tiny droplets of dew trying to portray the oceans of the globe … as I would try to use them to describe this emotion … this living, breathing entity within that we have but one word for … LOVE!

Who  knows nose news?!

March 12, 2013
Ok, I know you already know, and I would ask … "How did you know?" ... but I already know how you knew! So, why would I ask how you knew if I already knew how it was that you know? Right? So!


March 2, 2013
Ever see someone in a bad way and you’d really like to help, but they don’t seem to want your help?  That happens when pride gets in the way of judgment … like not asking for directions (I purposefully did not mention a specific gender here) … it usually leads to a less than desirable finale!

Welcome to 'A Stitch in Time'

February 26, 2013
A Stitch in Time – sounds like a column about sewing, huh? Well, it isn’t!

A Stitch in Time is going to be about seeing a need or a problem, a “loose stitch” in the fabric of a life, your own or someone else’s, and doing what it takes to help stop and fix it – before it gets to the point of embarrassment, pain, anguish or total destruction.