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Mr. Bonnell BCSD Employee of the Month
September 25, 2017
By Principal David Miles II

Paul Bonnell
Paul Bonnell is a fantastic teacher and human being. When people hear his name, they inevitably bring up positive memories and get a smile on their face!

I am not surprised then that Mr. Bonnell, our eighth grade language arts teacher at Boundary County Middle School, is September’s Employee of the Month for Boundary County School District 101.

Mr. Bonnell is an entertaining teacher, a motivational coach and an all-around helpful person.

Mr. Bonnell is a very energetic and entertaining teacher. I often hear his voice down the hall when I am walking because he is so passionate. I might hear his voice while he is reading emphatically from a book or reciting a piece of poetry. I might hear his voice while he is singing a song for his students. I might hear his voice because he is trying to make an important point to his students.

His students hear his voice and know he is saying something important and memorable.

Mr. Bonnell is also a coach who tries to get the most out of his student athletes. He is encouraging and positive while his students are running either for cross country or track. He has words of wisdom to help them improve or enjoy the experience. Our cross country numbers are high in part because Mr. Bonnell is a coach students want to be around and with.

Mr. Bonnell is a person you want around when you need a hand. He is quick to volunteer to help when a need arises. He has taken over the school’s Spelling Bee competition when our last coordinator left. He has volunteered to literally make his hands bleed scratching lottery tickets as a fundraiser for our school. He has volunteered to use new testing methods and curriculum when we needed it.

People know if they need help and he is around that they will get it.

Paul is a great person to have around. He brings excitement to class. He brings joy to running. He offers help in many areas.

Boundary County Middle School is lucky to have a person of such caliber.
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