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Martinez school district Employee of the Month
April 26, 2017
By Principal David Miles II
Boundary County Middle School

It is a pleasure to recognize para professional Maria Martinez, who works with migrant students at both the high school and middle school and teaches English as a second language, as April’s Boundary County School District Classified Employee of the Month!

Maria is great to work with because she is extremely personable, professional, and a team player.

Maria is very personable. She is always smiling when you talk with her and always asks if she can help you with anything when any conversation begins. She treats staff, community and students with the same politeness and respect.

She is extremely inviting to all and very willing to discuss her personal life as well as professional life. Maria makes coming to work a joy and tries to help everyone have a great day while at Boundary County Middle School.

Maria is also extremely professional. She is always working with the students under her care and trying to help them improve.

She works well with other staff members to assist students not only in her class but in other classes as well. She will have the difficult conversations when they are needed and also talks with parents when it is advised or necessary. She maintains a great rapport with all while also able to differentiate what should be discussed with others and what should remain private.

Maria is also a great team player, very willing to assist other teachers and community members when needed. She often plays the role of interpreter when needed in order to further help students or families in the area. It would often be nearly impossible to get some of the required conversations or work completed without her assistance.

Maria is a wonderful asset to our team. Any day you come in contact with Maria will be a better day because of it. She has a great professional understanding of her job and its requirements. She is an awesome team player. She goes out of her way to make you feel important and valued.

Please take a moment to thank her for her service the next time you see her!
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