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Pam Copeland BCSD Employee of the Month
March 30, 2017
By Principal Nathan Williams

Larry and Pam Copeland
Mrs. Pam Copeland has been a secretary within Boundary County School District 101 for 18 years, 14 of them at Valley View Elementary School. Anyone who has been in our school understands that she is an integral part of the success within the building.

She multitasks constantly and does a great job overseeing the day to day operations of the school. From helping sick or hurt students to answering the endless amount of phone calls at VVES, she is a constant ray of light amongst the team.

The staff at VVES appreciate Mrs. Copeland for her wonderful skill set and ability to communicate effectively even in stressful moments.

One staff member stated, “the school may just fall apart if she ever leaves.” Another person said, “what does this woman not do?”

As the principal I know without a doubt that my job would be much more difficult if Mrs. Copeland wasn’t so efficient, effective, and enjoyable to be around.

She doesn’t have a classroom, but many students throughout the school enjoy her friendly smile and joyful nature as they enter the building every morning.

Mrs. Copeland has a husband named Larry, a dog, six children and 17 grandchildren. In her free time she enjoys being with family, spending time at the cabin, camping, and reading.

BCSD 101 is very lucky to have Mrs. Pam Copeland within our district supporting students!
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