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Boundary County Live-NewsBF Basketball Challenge
Contest ends tonight:
April 2, 2018
Tonight, basketball fans across the country will be tuned in to watch the Championship game of the NCAA March Madness college basketball championship.

And around these parts, many will be watching for the final points to fall in the Boundary County Live - News BF Basketball Tournament Challenge, where a grand prize of $100 awaits the winner of our contest.

Our contest began with the opening tipoff of the very first game way back in early March. It has now come down to the last game, played tonight.

Although all entrants have battled courageously with their best brackets entered into the contest, at this point, it appears that three of our contestants are poised for a potential win, only one will take home our grand prize of $100.

The screen names of those top three contestants: currently in First Place--JMed, currently in Second Place--mnmosquitoes, and currently in Third Place--1987 Badger. All of these Top Three have the same number of points, but according to the tie breaker rules set up in the ESPN Tournament Challenge contest, which are based on number of points earned in each of the five separate rounds of the tournament to date, their rankings are as above.

All three of our top contestants have picked Villanova to win tonight's championship game. Tiebreakers still remain for this final game, which includes predictions each contestant made of the score of the final game. Once tonight's game is completed, and after ESPN calculates their final standings based on points scored and tie breakers, we will have a winner of our contest.

Our winner will be announced when tonight's Championship game is complete. Good luck to all!
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