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GED Test  preparation and test available at local NIC office, helps many earn important credential
March 6, 2018
Do you know of someone who did not finish high school, but who now is thinking about pursuing some educational goals, or improving their qualifications for a job? Preparing for and taking the GED Test may be a way to help that person get on a pathway to being better qualified for many jobs, or to improve their chances of getting into college.

Preparing for the test and taking the test can be done through the North Idaho Adult Education classes available at NIC's Bonners Ferry Center. Instruction to prepare for the test at the NIC Bonners Ferry Center is free of charge.

New students are being accepted in the program to help them prepare for the GED test.

At the Bonners Ferry Center, Cyndi Clark is the GED Instructor. There really isn't a set calendar date for when GED preparation classes begin. Ms. Clark says when a student comes in who wants to work toward taking the GED test, she meets with them that day to start the process to assess their needs and goals, determine their current educational level, and help them create an education plan. Ms. Clark tries to make each plan completely individualized for the needs of that person.

The GED preparation program can run according to the schedule of the student. There are groups who meet in the morning, some in the afternoon, some in the evening, some participate from home. She tries to work the program to fit the student's schedule.

"We fit the student's schedule, or it doesn't work," said Ms. Clark, "so we make it work."

Tuition and learning materials for the instruction are provided at no cost. Taking the actual GED test, however, requires a fee. The GED test is also available at the NIC Center.

Currently the North Idaho College Bonners Ferry Center has 21 students enrolled in the instruction program for taking the GED test. Last year 23 students from the NIC Bonners Ferry Center passed all the components of the GED test.

The GED test covers four areas: math, science, social studies, and language arts (which includes reading, writing, and understanding written text). Each of these four areas are covered by tests that are taken separately. Passing the test is intended to certify that the person has high school-level academic skills in those areas.

The test originated in 1942, and has been offered for 76 years. Over 20 million people have passed the GED test over those 76 years.

So if you know someone who might be interested in looking to take and pass the GED test as a step toward advancing their education, or to better qualify themselves for employment, they can get the preparation and instruction they need right here in Bonners Ferry. They can contact the North Idaho College Bonners Ferry Center at the Bonners Ferry Adult Education Center at (208) 267-3878.

GED preparation training is available at the Bonners Ferry Center on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays.

"We encourage anyone to come in," said Ms. Clark, "All the instruction, tuition, and materials for this program are free, only the test itself has a cost."
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