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Looking for a few Pearl techs
November 27, 2017
Most people in Boundary County have heard of The Pearl Theater, and many of you support it by attending incredible shows and events at its unique venue on Ash Street. Others sustain this non-profit, historical community theater with ongoing attendance, memberships, donations and volunteerism. But few realize that there is another way to get involved with The Pearl, while making a bit of cash ...

The Pearl hosts a variety of events, from musical performances to theater productions, parties, movies and rentals for private occasions. All of these endeavors require a technician’s presence at the venue to run the lights, the sound and the projector, while controlling the “ambience” of the events.

The Pearl board is seeking enthusiastic individuals (18 years and older) who hope to become certified Pearl techs.

Training will involve one to two hours of hands-on training with the equipment, and then several events of shadowing a certified tech before taking on a show alone.

There are ongoing opportunities as the “lights and sound person” for bands, solo performers, live theater and ongoing monthly events like Open Mic. Technicians receive payment for their time and skills.

If you have attended an event at The Pearl and enjoyed the staging or sound quality, thank the technician. If you participated in a fundraiser for various groups in town and had a great time with the venue being warm, inviting, with great background music and easy-to-hear speakers, thank the tech. And, especially, if you have been lucky enough to be in the audience for one of our local playwright’s productions or musical theatre performances and remained so captivated in the moment that you never even noticed the lighting and sound, once again, thank the tech.

Sound like fun? You bet!

If you have questions or hope to sign up for the next training, please call The Pearl at (208) 610-2846. Learn something new, work as it fits your schedule and enjoy the performing arts like never before!
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