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Timber thieves have law on their trail
November 14, 2017
Boundary County law enforcement officers would like to send out a stern warning to those who are apparently visiting logging sites around Boundary County, finding unmanned log decks and helping themselves to the fruits of someone else's labor.

"In the ranks of the low, whoever is doing this is right there with the lowest," said U.S. Forest Service Law Enforcement Officer Marc Gray as he prepared to head to a logging site on Trail Creek this morning. "Loggers work too hard to have to put up with this."

Gray did not speak to the scope of the problem nor how widespread it is, but said he and fellow USFS enforcement officers are taking the crimes seriously and are vigorously investigating every report.

Anyone with information on timber thefts on the Idaho Panhandle National Forest is encourage to call the Idaho Panhandle National Forests Supervisor's Office in Coeur d'Alene, (208) 765-7223, your local Ranger District or local law enforcement.
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