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November expected to come in with a snowy brrr
October 27, 2017
Enjoy the balmy autumn weather that's expected to take us through Hallowe'en -- temperatures are expected to dip down November 1 and hearing that nasty four-letter winter word is likely for the first four days of the month.

On November 5, forecasters say we'll have our first full day with the mercury staying below the freezing mark.

Sunny skies are expected through this final October weekend, with temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s on Saturday, cooling to 40 overnight and climbing into the low 50s on Sunday.

Clouds are expected to move in on Monday, with the thermometer trying but not quite reaching 50, then warming slightly into the low 50s on Hallowe'en day Tuesday, with continued partly cloudy skies.

Temperatures are expected to remain n the mid to upper 40s as the ghouls and spooks and goblins go door to door on the hallowed evening, but it is expected to be right around freezing as they crawl out of bed November 1 and head for school.

Temperatures are expected to reach about 44-degrees under mostly cloudy skies Wednesday, and parents should bundle the little ones as they head off to school as precipitation; snow, rain and a mixture of both, is likely throughout the day.

By Wednesday night, the chance of snow and freezing rain increases to 70-percent.

Conditions are expected to remain similar Thursday, but on Friday it cools a wee bit more while the chance of precipitation and slop stays at 70-percent until diminishing to 30-percent by Saturday, when the temperature is expected to stay in the low 30s and drop to about 20-degrees overnight.

Sunday is expected to remain mostly cloudy, with a daytime high of 32-degrees and an overnight low of 22.
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