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Old Bonners Ferry Halloween tale makes 'The Slice'
October 27, 2017
By Mike Weland

"The Slice" columnist Paul Turner
I was out of town Thursday when Denise Crichton sent NewsBF an email with a clip from the day's Spokesman Review, the paper I worked at before I came to Bonners Ferry in 1991.

The clip was a column by Paul Turner, who I worked with way back when, and it featured a friend, Howard Kent, whom I have written about often since my arrival here.

So how could I not share the October 26 column, "The Slice?"

"Halloween 1957: Howard Kent and a friend decided to concentrate their trick-or-treat efforts that year on a part of Bonners Ferry known to be a target rich environment for kids seeking high-quality candy. And they had a plan to maximize their take.

“'After making our first haul, we returned to my home, changed into different costumes, and set out to make a second haul from the same area.'

"All went well until they got to one house where the owner required trick-or-treat kids to sign a guest book before he dispensed candy ..."

And you'll have to read the rest of the tale on the Spokesman Review website!
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