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It's been a great first month at Naples Elementary
October 5, 2017
Before her departure, staff at Naples Elementary did their best to emulate the inimitable sense of style of secretary Linda Lee Holloway, front row, third from right, who retired September 28. Trying hard but falling short are (l-r) Angela Lucas, Jennifer Bonar, Michael Wold, Mary Krejci, Marie Sumpter, Kylee (Knelsen) Guthrie, Bethany Cavender, Tawny MacDonald, Megan Johnson, Cynthia Stovall-Sanders, Roy Hale, Jason Murray and Robin Merrifield.
By Principal Robin Merrifield

Principal Robin Merrifield
The first month of school at Naples Elementary has been nothing short of exciting! The Naples staff and students are launching in to October with the same level of enthusiasm for what is in store.

This year is going to be one of discovery and adventure for all of us. As many may know, this is my first year as principal at Naples. Boundary County has been my home for over 12 years. During that time, I have had the pleasure of teaching at Boundary County Middle School, as well as teaching third grade at Mount Hall.

For the past four years, I have worked in the district administration office as the Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment.

This past spring, the opportunity to bring that position here to Naples while serving as principal presented itself. The ability to be back in a school with students and teachers was something I couldn’t miss.

So here I am!

My current focus has been getting the Naples team of staff and students off to a strong, solid start. Our first four weeks together have been successful!

Naples's primary goals for 2017-2018 and beyond are academic success and school pride. The teaching staff hasn’t changed this year. This is a great kick-start for achievement. The team has already been meeting to discuss how they can best prepare a solid foundation for our Naples learners. Expectations will be high. Each teacher brings a special dynamic to the learning experience. The students will be academically challenged with a safe and loving approach from us all.

Although the core teaching staff has not changed, our support staff has a couple new faces. Mrs. Kelly Schmier has returned to share her talents as the music, PE and art instructor.

Her final day, Thursday, September 28, was "Shower Linda Lee with Flower Power Day."
After 21 years of service, Mrs. Linda Lee Holloway has retired from her position as secretary. During her final week, they had something each day to honor her.  Monday was "Memories Of and Why We Will Miss Linda Lee Day."  Tuesday was "Dress Like Linda Lee Day." Even the boys had flowers in their hair! Wednesday was "Throw a Potluck Like Linda Lee Day."

And Thursday, Linda Lee's last "official" day, was "Shower Linda Lee with Flower Power Day." Each and every Naples student paraded through the office and hand-delivered a single carnation to her and told her what they love about her.

Needless to say, Linda Lee was a mess!

She plans to return after the holidays as a volunteer and sub. She has gracefully handed the torch to Angela Lucas, a former Naples student and long-time Boundary County resident.

School pride is another focus. When students, their families and the staff feel a sense of pride in their school, they are more likely to step up and drive for excellence and achievement. We will be working to make Naples look ALIVE!

There may come a time we need extra hands to make light work. If you’re ever interested, please let us know and we will find something which suits you!

In Boundary County Schools, and especially at Naples Elementary, we focus on three simple words: safe, civil, and productive. We will continue to weave these words into the fabric of how we do business at Naples. Please encourage your children to be mindful of their choices and actions, and focus on these concepts at home.

As noted earlier, we are in for a year of discovery and adventure! Thank you for entrusting all of us here at Naples Elementary School with your most prized possessions. We will do our best to strengthen them and set them on a path of reaching their highest goals, dreams and aspirations!

Please come visit any time!  Our doors are open!

Go Wolverines!
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