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2017 All Class Reunion under way!
July 29, 2017
Once every five years the population of Boundary County swells dramatically, seemingly overnight, as people who shared the experience of attending school here are invited back, no matter where in the world life has taken them.

Though it is a regular event, no two Boundary County All Class Reunions are ever the same, not merely from the standpoint of activities and events that change with the times, but of the faces who grace us with their presence, the memories they bring. Then there are the memories of those who have passed on, but who will never be forgotten.

Each reunion, the memories change, but never grow old.

While the 2017 All Class Reunion is officially today, there are many events that are already over and many to come as each class, each group of old friends, each member of each memorable team who've ever pulled together with Badger pride each go off to share the memories that they crated and cherish.

Each memory, individual and collective, is part and parcel of a much larger and shared tapestry made by every person who has ever attended a school in our community, whether it was from kindergarten through graduation, a year or two, or even a mere part of a school year. For everyone who trod the halls of the schools of Boundary County didn't just take what was offered as preparation helpful to make their way in the world, but each left a little of themselves, too, becoming part of our community history, part of the myriad memories that have together forged a community as good as any in the world and better than most.

While the big events that make the All Class Reunion the biggest celebration in Boundary County and the only event worthy of being a quinquennial event have yet to take place; the opening ceremony won't be held until 7:30 p.m. and the first note of music of the street dance won't sound until 8 p.m., a lot has already taken place today, a lot of memories shared.

Here are but a few images that the memories might abide until the next Boundary County All Class Reunion. And be sure to check back, as we'll add more photos of the remaining events as they happen.

On behalf of the committees who worked hard to make the 2017 Boundary County All Class Reunion a success, welcome home to all who are here!
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