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North Idaho fire danger 'very high'
July 28, 2017
Idaho Department of Lands and U.S. Forest Service Fire Managers in Bonner and Boundary Counties have elevated the wildland fire danger to “Very High.”

The increased fire danger is the result of persistent high temperatures and low relative humidity over north Idaho this month. Forest fuels are as dry now as they typically are in mid to late August. No significant weather changes are expected the rest of the month.

Residents are reminded to secure trailer safety chains, be careful with off-road recreational vehicle and equipment use, and use caution with campfires. Any ignition source can start and quickly spread wildland fires.

Burn Permits will be issued only for crop residue burning. Burn permits are not required for recreational camp fires.

Those wishing to have a camp fire should take extra precautions making sure to have a shovel, a bucket, and access to water. The remains of camp fires should be cold to the touch before leaving them unattended.

Persons found to be responsible for the causing a wildland fire can be held financially responsible for the cost of fire suppression.

To report wildfires call 911.
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