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County Road & Bridge facing budget shortfall
July 13, 2017
By Michael Meier
Boundary County Public Information

Boundary County did not receive our normal funding from the U.S. Forest Service Secure Rural School (SRS) program for funding year 2016-2017.

Several programs will be limited or cut to work within the bounds of this hopefully short term budget shortfall, including:
  * A 50% cut in dust abatement. We encourage those who have special needs requiring dust abatement to search out alternative avenues and private vendors for those projects. (there are local private vendors available)
  * Little or no chip sealing
  * Asphalt repairs will be limited to ongoing or already funded projects. Priorities will be determined by means such as traffic counters, roadway inspections and highest identified traffic areas

Boundary County regrets the situation caused by lack of routine federal funding (SRS), but rest assured Road and Bridge will continue to deliver to the highest quality operation considering these unforeseeable restraints.
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