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Bonners Ferry FFA places at state
June 15, 2017
The Bonners Ferry FFA State CDE Teams (from top, l-r) Jordan Young, Conner Underhill, Jesse Sandlin, Brittany Spangler and Chris Durett. Bottom row; Katelyn Hutchinson, Lance Freeze, Shawna Siver, Gracie Jones, Mary Fioravanti and Advisor Julie Smith.
By Katelyn Hutchinson

Livestock Judging Team (l-r) Jordan Young, Katelyn Hutchinson, Lance Freeze and Chris Durett.
On June 6, the Bonners Ferry FFA Chapter traveled down to Moscow, Idaho to compete in the State Career & Leadership Development Events (CDEs). The chapter left right after school on Tuesday, so all of the students going on the trip were required to take two of their finals early.

Once the vans reached Moscow, the chapter was checked into the hotel and the members had some free time before curfew.

The next day was the Livestock Judging CDE, Vet Science CDE, and Ag Mechanics CDE. The chapter’s team competing in the Livestock Judging CDE included Jordan Young, Lance Freeze, Katelyn Hutchinson, and Chris Durette.

There were eight classes of animals including market lambs, Suffolk rams, breeding ewes, two classes of market hogs, breeding gilts, Charolais heifers, breeding bulls and market steers.

Many of these classes were placed very difficultly, so great job to everyone that participated and good luck for next year.

Right after the Livestock Judging CDE ended, the Ag. Mechanics CDE began.

The Ag Mechanics Team (l-r) Brittany Spangler, Jesse Sandlin, Conner Underhill and Shawna Siver.
The team for Ag Mechanics included Jesse Sandelin, Brittany Spangler, Shawna Siver, and Conner Underhill; Shawna competed in copper-pipe fitting, Jesse and Brittany competed in welding, and Conner competed in electrical.

Jesse Sandelin placed in the top three for Oxyacetylene Welding and received a state award.

The Vet Science team left that evening for the first portion of the CDE, which was the written testing.

There were four different tests: math practicum, tool identification, a scenario essay, and a multiple-choice diagnosis test.

The members; Shawna Siver, Gracie Jones, Brittany Spangler and Katelyn Hutchinson, did their best and after they finished the testing portion, they were able to go back to the hotel and practice their performed scenario for the part two of the Vet Science CDE.

The Vet Science Team (l-r) Shawna Siver, Brittany Spangler, Gracie Jones and Katelyn Hutchinson.
The next morning was the second part of the Vet Science CDE which was the hands-on testing.

The team was tested individually on how to place a cat in a cat bag, how to tie a square knot, how to properly use a fecalyzer and how to apply a tick/lice killer to a dog.

After the individual testing was the team activity where they had to put together a scenario about the usage of VFD drugs in animal feed and why the VFD Act was created.

Right after the Vet Science CDE ended, the Dairy Foods team had to leave for their competition.

The team members were Shawna Siver, Mary Fioravanti, Jesse Sandelin, and Conner Underhill. In a Dairy Foods CDE, teams have to taste different dairy products and be able to identify different defects in each of the products as well as being able to measure the amount of fat in milk just by looking and tasting it.

Jordan Young also represented the Bonners Ferry Chapter in the Dairy Handling CDE. Jordan received a state award for placing 3rd high in the State. The last CDE of the trip was the Meats CDE. The team included Lance Freeze, Conner Underhill, Jesse Sandelin, and Chris Durette. In a Meats CDE, teams have to judge different cuts of meat based on their quality and they also have to be able to identify the different cuts and where they come from on the animal.

To end off the trip, all of the chapters went to the University of Idaho Ballroom to either dance or watch the movie Moana. Congratulations to Jesse and Jordan for placing in the top 3 at State and Good Job to the rest of the Bonners Ferry FFA members!
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