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BCH Food Forest Garden needs fencing
June 1, 2017
The design of the Boundary Community Hospital Food Forest Garden is pretty much roughed out and crews are ready to begin installing the garden.

They will need some infrastructure and services donated by community to make this happen.

As all of you gardeners know, if you don't fence the garden you feed the deer!

So the first thing they are asking for is deer fencing. They need approximately 430-feet of fencing to encircle the garden. With fence posts every 10-feet, that comes out to 43 posts to hold the thing up!

If you have extra or are a business that would like to participate, please message them via their Facebook page,

In the interest of transparency, gratitude and mutually beneficial relationships they will be installing a permanent plaque in the garden listing all donors who assisted in making this community garden a reality.

The food that is produced by this garden will go directly to the Boundary Community Hospital kitchen and from there to the residents and staff!

This is a cutting edge idea. Help create a garden that will serve nutrient-dense, clean and delicious produce to this venerable community institution while demonstrating what is possible to other communities across the country.
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