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School district gives thanks
February 15, 2017
By Gary Pflueger
Boundary County School District 101

What a week! February 6 through 10 will be one for the record books. It was a great combination of dangerous roads, heavy snow/ice and changing weather conditions which shut BCSD #101 down; some might call it the “perfect storm.”

But as it is in Northern Idaho, not everyone stayed warm and cozy in their homes to wait it out.

Hundreds of individuals donned their winter wear, grabbed a shovel and headed to our five schools to save the day.

Now, what I need to do is dig out of the debt incurred by this declared “State of Emergency.” I am still waiting on billing and do not have a specific price tag on it, but it will be substantial.

My next step is to request financial recompense from Boundary County and the State of Idaho. I will let the community know as soon as I find out.

On behalf of the students and staff of BCSD I send my sincere thanks to everyone who helped secure our school buildings!

It will not be possible to mention all the groups who worked on the roofs.

Here are just a few: the Mennonite Community, KG&T, Capital Property Management, Horizon Landscaping, and Cottonwood Correctional Facility.

I thank you!

A special thank you and wish for great fortune to the true volunteers: the Paradise and South Bench Fire Departments, Port Hill Customs and others. I saw parents, teachers, support staff and students working among the contracted help.

You will not be forgotten!

Finally, a special and personal note of thanks to BCSD Maintenance Supervisor Bob Overman for coordinating this huge project. The safety of our students was his primary concern.
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