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Idaho a good place to live in abject solitude
February 14, 2018
Imagine if you lived alone. No extra dishes in the sink, no one to leave the lights on when they’re not home and no one to argue with over the TV channel at night. The truth is millions of Americans live alone.

In fact, across the U.S., one in four households consist of just one person, a figure that continues to rise.

One of the only real downsides to living alone (beyond the lack of company) might be the price. However, some places are better suited for single-person residences, and Idaho is among the top states for people, by choice or stuck for now, who want to live alone.

Using rental listings on Zillow, broke down the states that offer the best value for people who want to live alone, compared to living with a roommate or two.

On average, the most affordable one-bedroom apartments in America can be found in West Virginia, $574, Idaho, $608, and Wyoming, $643, making these locations some of the most attractive states in America for young singles.

But let's start out with the most expensive states.

In Georgia, of all places, they found the highest cost to live in splendid solitude.

A single bedroom, on average, will cost its one lonely occupant $1,138 per month. An average priced two bedroom, with both occupants paying an equal share, would cost $567 per occupant, for three bedrooms, the cost per occupant falls to $397, meaning the average increase in cost to live alone is 136.2-percent.

In Idaho, the average single bedroom is $608, compared to equal shares of $378 for both two and three bedroom living quarters. That puts the average increase in cost to live alone in Idaho at 61-percent.

Only Alaska, Montana and West Virginia rank as more affordable for the swinging bachelors and bachelorettes.

West Virginia, the best state in which to dwell in solitude, at least from a fiscal point of view, averages $574 for the single-bedroom home. Equal shares in an average priced two bedroom runs $381 and a three bedroom, on average, saves each occupant one dollar at $380 per month. It costs the sole resident but 51-percent more to live in loneliness, with only a pillow to hold at night.

And to you, oh lonely and loveless Idaho single bedroom occupant, with only a pillow, wet with your tears, to cling to through those long and lonely nights, Happy Valentine's Day!
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