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Stomach illness hits many at the Restorium
January 11, 2018
The Restorium in Boundary County reports an outbreak of gastro-intestinal illness within the facility. The cases have been reported to the Panhandle Health District. Symptoms include nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Steps have been implemented to curtail the outbreak.

A physician familiar with the outbreak assures the public that the illness is not the flu.

"Primarily, what is going on there is not "the flu," even though everyone is calling it that," he said. "In actuality, it is a gastro-intestinal illness, likely viral in nature. It is not 'flu' nor 'influenza, those are completely separate illnesses from what is going on at the Restorium."

Panhandle Health District rules in place to stop the spread of the illness and protect the public and residents of the Restorium include:
  • Asking visitors to stay away unless in an emergency.
  • Asking all visitors, volunteers and employees with the flu or flu-like symptoms to stay away for at least 72 hours after all symptoms of this illness have gone away.
  • All staff, residents and visitors are being instructed to wash hands regularly, especially before meals.
  • Residents who are ill with these symptoms are asked to stay in their rooms until all symptoms are gone.
  • Meals to residents who are ill are being served in their rooms.
  • Additional housekeeping practices are in place to clean all surfaces in the facility.
  • Activities have been limited until the gastro-intestinal symptoms have resolved.

The Restorium is not in quarantine or lockdown. Staff is, however, taking every precaution to protect the residents and the public.

Please call Restorium Supervisor Karlene Magee at (208) 267-2453 or Panhandle Health District at (208) 415-5270 with any questions you may have.
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