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Troy mayor reminds residents to clear sidewalks
January 9, 2018
The City of Troy, due to the recent snow, is reminding everyone who has a sidewalk in front of their home to help keep it shoveled.

"We really need to keep the sidewalks clear of snow for everyone who uses them especially the children who walk to and from the schools causing the children to walk in the roadway," said Mayor Dallas Carr. "This has been brought up to me and is really a safety issue. Also, if you are willing and know someone, or your neighbor, who is unable to clear their sidewalk, please assist them in clearing their sidewalks too. Thank you so much for taking your time and making the sidewalks safer for everyone."

Per Troy City Code 7-3-4: "It shall be the duty of any occupant of any premises within the city limits or in case the premises is unoccupied then the owner or his agent, to keep the sidewalk in front of or adjoining his premises clean and safe for pedestrians, and to repair the sidewalk from time to time, and the occupant, owner or agent shall, with reasonable dispatch, remove snow, ice, slush or mud or other impediments to safe and convenient foot travel."
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