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Beware of moose crossing in Moose Valley
January 5, 2018
This crash was in Maine, the picture posted to Facebook by Ashley Stoddard in 2014, but similar collisions have occurred on Highway 95 in Boundary County. Fortunately, the driver in this collision walked away with only minor injuries, but the moose, and the car, were both destroyed.
Karen McCarty passes along that Deep Creek east of Highway 95 along Shiloh Loop is frozen tight and the moose are thirsty.

"They come up from Shiloh behind Living Stone Lane as it's an easier slope with more space between trees," she writes. "Then they angle toward either Stampede or McArthur Lake. A beautiful bull was lost recently. There is a baby so small he has to hop to get through the snow! I also saw his mother's tracks."

Moose Valley is aptly named, she writes, but it is that stretch where the corners and rises make it easy for motorists to miss them until it's too late.

If you're driving on Highway 95, please keep an eye out for moose alongside or crossing the highway from north of Stampede Lake, near mile 496, south to McArthur Lake, which extends from about mile 493 south to about mile 492.
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