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Ken Toline's life dedicated to service
October 29, 2017
Since I do not live within the city limits of Bonners Ferry, my endorsement of Ken Toline for the Bonners Ferry City Council is more from a personal nature rather than a political one.

I would simply like to inform the good folk who will be voting in the November 7 city election what I know of Mr. Toline, both professionally and personally.

Ken Toline is probably one of the most dedicated and devoted men I have had the pleasure to work with. I first met him through our mutual involvement with the American Legion. I quickly came to recognize that Ken was a very much needed and hard-working member of that organization.

He was more than willing and very able to do every task we asked of him. He has spent his lifetime serving our country, having retired from the U.S. Navy as a Master Chief Corpsman.

Now Mr. Toline would like to serve the City of Bonners Ferry as a councilman.

For the City of Bonners Ferry to have two very worthy candidates for a public office is an astonishing bit of good fortune. When the election is over, the city will have a worthy person in that council seat.

I ask that you consider Mr. Toline for that position. He is an honorable man with no agenda, other than to work for you.
Mike Ashby
Moyie Springs
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