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On the duties of county PIO
July 31, 2017
Dear Rosanne Smith: (See "Where's the info?")

The Public Information Officer is the single point within Boundary County for public information. When Boundary County has something to say, this is the office it originates from and is delivered to the public and all media outlets.

The Public Information Officer is not always used for information from the various agencies within the County. Each agency sometimes issues their Press Releases, not using the Public Information Officer. This is completely acceptable as the Public Information Officer is not normally needed in
everyday news, but rather used for focusing on the big picture for situations that involve all of us here within Boundary County.

The Public Information Officer Press Releases are posted on the “Emergency Management – PIO” on Facebook along with the Boundary County Webpage,

These same Releases are delivered to 50 different news agencies within the State providing a well established written record.

Our goal is for the Public Information Office to provide concise, truthful information as needed in the County.
Michael N. Meier
Boundary County Idaho
Director of Emergency Management
Public Information Officer
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