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Seeking the Rock Creek Stump Ranch Philosopher
July 1, 2017
In the August 29, 1957 edition of the Bonners Ferry Herald, there appear an article by an individual who referred to himself as the "Rock Creek Stump Ranch Philosopher." He signed the article simply as J. A.

The article dealt with his views on world events. Thus began his weekly column that ran until July 30, 1959 when it ended.

There was no farewell type of article, nor was there an explanation by the editor as to the identity of the person. He simply signed off as J. A.

Is it possible that some of our older local dudes and dudettes may recall the identity of the mystery writer and may also recall where he resided?

If you know, please contact Sue Kemmis or Howard Kent the Boundary County Museum.

Thank you!
Howard Kent
Bonners Ferry
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