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Time to Buck the Core
February 2, 2017
By District 1 Representative Heather Scott

Citizens showed up on the Capitol steps this week to speak out against the federal-mandated Common Core in our Idaho schools.

The "Buck the Core" rally featured Dr. Geoffrey Thomas, superintendent from the Madison School District, Russ Fulcher, former state senator and current governor candidate, and Dr. Duke Pesta, Wisconsin professor and an advocate for repealing Common Core.

Idaho brought Common Core standards and testing into the state in 2010. Only 13 states are using the SBAC test now, and unfortunately, Idaho is one of them.

The testing is expensive, unreliable and frustrating for many students and teachers.

Citizens and rally speakers shared several concerns with the top down approach of Common Core. Their goals were clear:
  * Remove federal mandates for local schools in our state.
  * Stop psychological dossiers (data) collection with no expiration date or access for parents on our children.
  * End the expensive SBAC testing.
  * Stop un-elected state boards making decisions for local school boards.
  * Stop non-teachers from labeling our teachers as failures based on unreliable tests.

Two bills from our Freedom Agenda have been delivered to the education committees addressing the Common Core issue. One would repeal Common Core as a state mandate and the other would repeal the SBAC testing.

If you want to express your voice about Common Core and the SBAC test, you can contact the House and Senate Education Committees in the Idaho legislature. Here are the links to the Committee members and chairs: Senate Education Committee and House Education Committee.
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