NewsBF Boundary County, Idaho, Election 2018 Voter's Guide

Thursday, March 29 
Michael Snyder, candidate for U.S. House of Representatives, 1st District of Idaho.  Public meeting, will be introducing himself on March 29 at 6:30 p.m. at the Moyie Springs City Hall, 3331 Roosevelt Road, Moyie Springs.  All are welcome to attend and ask him questions.
Welcome to the News Bonners Ferry Election 2018 Voter's Guide. It's still early, but we're working hard to give Boundary County, Idaho, voters as much quality information as possible so they can make an informed decision when they go to the polls in the May 15, 2018, primary election and the November 6, 2018 general election.

Our goal is not to endorse any candidate, but to provide readers with information they can use to make an informed decision when they go to the polls during the 2018 election cycle. Sources in this Voters Guide are cited. Where no information from the candidate can be found, we are leaving it blank in hopes of filling it in later in the candidate's own words.

We invite information from every candidate whose name will appear on a 2018 Boundary County ballot, to include photos. These materials can be emailed to
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Voting in Boundary County

~ U.S. House of Representatives 1st District ~ Governor ~ Lieutenant Governor ~ Attorney General ~ Secretary of State ~ Treasurer ~ Controller ~ Superintendent of Public Instruction ~ Idaho State Senate District 1 ~ Idaho State House of Representatives District 1A ~ Idaho State House of Representatives District 1B ~ Supreme Court Justice ~ Appellate Court Judge ~ First District Court Judge ~ County Commissioner District 3 ~ County Commissioner District 1 ~ County Clerk ~ County Treasurer ~ County Assessor ~ County Coroner ~ Democratic Central Committee People ~ Republican Central Committee People ~

The State Races

U.S. House of Representatives 1st District

Currently held by Raul Labrador
Filing information
Russ Fulcher (R), Meridian, is a fourth-generation Idahoan who believes in the industriousness and ingenuity of Idahoans. He wants our state to be a great place for families and businesses. He is deeply concerned about the direction of our state and our nation. The overreach of government, both from Washington, D.C. and from Boise, is threatening our future.
  Alex Gallegos (R)
Nick Henderson (R), Post Falls, was born into a mining family at Kootenai Medical Center, Coeur d’Alene. His father's career in took his family overseas, where Nick spent his youth growing up in mining towns around the world. This experience gave him a broad perspective when it comes to the world, the international community and how nuances in different cultures can shape global policy.
David H. Leroy (R), Boise, 70, has had a career in public service that has included terms as Ada County Prosecutor, Idaho Attorney General, Idaho Lieutenant Governor, Acting Governor of Idaho for 254 days and United States Nuclear Waste Negotiator. Raised in Lewiston, educated in Moscow at the University of Idaho, Dave holds three college degrees, including a Juris Doctorate and Master of Law.
Luke Malek (R), Coeur d'Alene, currently represents the Coeur d’Alene area in the Idaho House. His transition from the ranches of Wyoming to the mountains of North Idaho was a natural one. He grew up helping with irrigation and fixing fence and spent summers stacking hay bales and shoeing horses. He earned a scholarship to the College of Idaho and became student body president .
  Cristina McNeil (D)
Christy Perry (R), Nampa, represents District 11B in the Idaho House of Representatives. She was first elected to the chamber in 2010 and is currently serving her fourth term in the Idaho State Legislature. She was raised in a military family and grew up in Middleton, graduating from Middleton High School. From an early age, her family instilled in her strong conservative, Christian values and a tireless work ethic.
Michael W. Smith (D), Post Falls, is a 14 year veteran of both the United States Marine Corps and the U.S. Army. Supporting his campaign, he said, will bring the balance of our government back. "As it stands now," he wrote, "all aspects of our government are controlled by Republican interests. This is a dangerous situation that has not happened since the Great Depression!"
  W. Scott Howard (L),  grew up in the Spokane / Coeur d'Alene metro area, has lived in this area all his life. Past volunteer at the local food bank, served in his local church, eventually became a leader in the church AWANA program and as camp counselor. Currently raising his daughter, a niece and nephew as a single parent. Lived in Post Falls since 2009. Has worked in information technology and in customer service roles through much of his career, current job is in information security.
Michael Snyder (R), Bonners Ferry, is the author of four books, he has been a frequent guest on major radio and television shows all over the nation and his websites have been viewed more than 100 million times. His father was in the U.S. Navy, so as a child he moved around quite frequently. After spending six years in Italy during his formative years, Snyder’s family settled in northern Virginia, where he attended high school.
James Vandermaas (D), Eagle, Idaho, was born in Maryland, has two sisters and was abandoned by his father when he was just a one year old. His mother did the best she could, but they were raised in poverty. From about nine years old, James and his sisters had to work hard and contribute all they earned to help support the family.

Idaho Governor

Currently held by C.L. "Butch" Otter
Filing information
Tommy Ahlquist (R) Eagle, knows to accomplish anything worthwhile you have to be a doer and not a talker. He said he has lived by this principle in his work as a small businessman, emergency room doctor, father and leader in the community. He has spent his entire professional career in Idaho. Tommy is married to his high school sweetheart, Shanna. Together, they have four children.
A.J. Balukoff (D), Boise, holds a bachelor of science degree in accounting from Brigham Young University earned in 1970. He won the Democratic primary for Idaho governor in 2014, but lost in the general election to incumbent Republican C.L. "Butch" Otter. Balukoff has served as a member of the Boise School District Board of Trustees since 1997.
  Harley Delano Brown (R)
  Dalton Ben Cannady (R)
  Peter Dill (D)
Paulette Jordan (D), Plummer, is serving her second term as an Idaho State Representative serving District 5, House Seat A. She is a graduate of Gonzaga Preparatory in 1998 with honors, a graduate of University of Washington in 2003 with degrees in communications, comparative literature and American Indian studies, along with a certificate in strategic negotiations and conflict resolution from the Washington Center.
Raul Labrador (R) Boise, was born in Puerto Rico and was raised in a single parent home. Even though they struggled financially, his mother always taught him the value of a good education and she worked hard to make sure that he had opportunities that she didn’t have. Raúl’s mother moved their small family to the mainland where he completed high school.
Brad Little (R) Boise, knew he wanted to be part of his family’s southwestern Idaho ranch even as a boy. Idaho’s 42nd Lieutenant Governor admits he came to politics accidentally. He grew up in Emmett working, hunting and playing on the sheep ranch ran by his father and started by his grandfather. Brad learned the values of hard work, perseverance, and faith from his parents and grandparents.
Lisa Marie (R) Boise
Steve Pankey (R) Twin Falls, was born in Ventura, California. He graduated from La Puente Alternative High School, and later graduated from Aims Community College in Greeley, Colorado, with a minor in Criminal Justice. He is a former Property Manager for the Sun Valley Company, and a former Republican candidate for Lieutenant Governor. Steve is a Christian conservative and ardent defender of the Constitution.

Lieutenant Governor

Currently held by Brad Little
Filing information
  Kristin Collum (D)
  Jim Fabe (D)
Marv Hagedorn (R) Meridian, said growing up in Northern Idaho and working in the Potlatch lumber mill instilled strong Idaho roots and values. Before getting out of high school, he enlisted in the US Navy, where he served 20 years on active duty. After receiving a "field commission" for his leadership, upon returning to Idaho, for the next 23 years Marv brought those skills he learned and put them to work in the private sector.
Janice McGeachin (R) Idaho Falls, Janice McGeachin (R) Idaho Falls, is a former state representative and a successful business owner from Idaho Falls. She and Jim McGeachin, her husband of 30 years, own and operate three businesses in the automotive industry, with stores in Idaho Falls and Boise. Janice is a proven conservative with an established track record of working with others to promote fiscal responsibility.
Bob Nonini (R) Coeur d'Alene, Bob Nonini (R) Coeur d'Alene, is an Idaho native and small business owner, proud to have served eight years in the Idaho House of Representatives and six years in the Senate. During his 14 years in the legislature, he was a member of the Education Committee and honored to serve six years as chairman. He wants focus on education, economic development and affordable quality health care.
Kelley Packer (R) McCammon, Kelley Packer (R) McCammon, is a Republican Idaho State Representative since 2012 representing District 28 in the B seat. "My extensive background in public relations has helped me understand the importance of listening to people and working with them to meet their needs," she said. She graduated from Marsh Valley High School and earned her AA from American InterContinental University.
Stephen Yates (R) Idaho Falls, has had a 25-year career in public service, beginning as a China policy expert and culminating with his election as chairman of the Idaho Republican Party. As our next Lieutenant Governor, Steve will continue his lifelong work protecting our shared conservative values, controlling government spending, standing up for education, and strengthening our economy to create good jobs.

Attorney General

Currently held by Lawrence Wasden
Filing information
  Bruce S. Bistline (D)
Lawrence Wasden (R) Nampa, Lawrence Wasden (R) Nampa, is Idaho's 32nd Attorney General. He was elected to a third term on November 2, 2010, and is Idaho's longest-serving Attorney General. He's a 25-year veteran of the Office of the Attorney General, previously served as Chief of Staff, Deputy Chief of Staff and as a Deputy Attorney General representing the Idaho State Tax Commission.

Secretary of State

Currently held by Lawrence E. Denney
Filing information
  Joseph J.P. Chastain (D)
Lawerence E. Denney (R) Midvale, Lawerence Denney (R) Midvale,  was born in 1948 in Adams County. He was raised in Midvale on the family farm and attended Midvale schools, graduating in 1966. He went on to attend the University of Idaho, where he received his Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Economics. He entered the Army after graduating from college in 1970, and headed straight to Vietnam.
  Jill Humble (D)


Currently held by Ron Crane
Filing information
  Julie A. Ellsworth (R)
Tom Kealey (R) Boise, Tom Kealey (R) Boise, and his family have a long history of living and working in Idaho. Since he was young, Tom has worked hard to become an entrepreneur and develop his financial skills while being fiscally conservative. As co-owners of Chicago Connection, Tom and his wife Joy have enjoyed working together and serving the community.
Vicky McIntyre (R) Boise, Vicky McIntyre (R) Boise, born to entrepreneurial parents, has owned her own business, been a business consultant, computer analyst, quality manager, executive director for a not-for-profit and a college professor. Vicky worked for the Ada County Assessor's office for two years as a management analyst prior to being elected over 15 years ago.


Currently held by Brandon D. Woolf
Filing information
Brandon D. Woolf (R) Boise, said that as State Controller and the chief financial officer for the State of Idaho, he's committed to being fiscally responsible, making our government more transparent and ensuring every cent of your tax dollars is accounted for in accordance with the law. He said he's seeking another term of office because it’s critical that Idaho is served by a State Controller who is tight-fisted with the people’s money.

Superintendent of Public Instruction

Currently held by Sherri Ybarra
Filing information
Jeff Dillon (R) Wilder, Jeff Dillon (R) Wilder, was raised in Wilder on a small farm and is superintendent of the Wilder School District and principal at Wilder Elementary. He attended Holmes Elementary for kindergarten through sixth grade then transferred to Greenleaf Friends Academy, graduating in 1984. He returned to school and in 2001 and received his masters in teaching from Heritage University.
  Allen Humble (D)
  Cindy Wilson (D)
Sherri Ybarra (R) Mountain Home,. Sherri Ybarra (R) Mountain Home, said it has been her honor to serve as Idaho’s Superintendent of Public Instruction and that she is thrilled for the opportunity to continue to a second term to create a bright future for our students and Idaho. "I am running for re-election because like you, I know that Idaho needs strong experienced leadership to make sure our kids are getting the education they deserve."

Idaho State Senate District 1

Currently held by Shawn Keough
Filing information
Danielle Ahrens (R) Sandpoint, Danielle Ahrens (R) Sandpoint,  is a 58 year old mother and grandmother who believes in the North Idaho values of God, family and country. She was raised in a family of six kids, being the middle child. Her mom was a stay at home mom and her dad was a surgeon and captain in the US Public Health Service, serving in the Army for many years.
  Vera Gadman (D), Hope.
Scott Herndon (R), was born in Virginia and grew up in Sacramento, California. In 2004, Scott and his wife Arlene moved to Sandpoint. He has spent the last 11 years in business locally, employing a crew of three plus several subcontractors. Scott has been a human rights activist in the local community and the state since 2013, advocating for equal protection under the law for all preborn human beings.
  James W. "Jim" Woodward (R) Sagle, grew up in Bonner County and Boundary County, and having lived here more than three decades, he wrote, he's had the opportunity to learn, work and play here. He graduated from Bonners Ferry High School and went on to the University of Idaho, earning a degree in mechanical engineering. His Idaho education laid the foundation for a career in the Navy.

Idaho State House of Representatives District 1A

Currently held by Heather Scott
Filing information
Michael D. Boeck (R) Sandpoint, is a fourth-generation Idahoan, born in Sandpoint in 1949. His roots in North Idaho go back to his great-grandad, who worked as a millwright for Humbird Lumber Company and built the home where Mike was raised. Boeck attended Sandpoint High School and went on to the University of Idaho, where he graduated with a B.S in Forestry and a commission as second lieutenant.
Heather Scott (R) Blanchard, originally from Ohio, and her husband, Andrew, have been living their American dream in North Idaho for the past 18 years. Before politics, she was a small business owner and a professional aquatic biologist. Over the last decade, Heather has become acutely aware of increased governmental intrusions into her rural lifestyle.
Bob Vickaryous (D) has been active in politics since his tour of duty in the US Army 1966-1972. He served his military duty in Korea on the DMZ. His occupation is cattle ranching, which he’s been doing since 1975. He has lived for many years in Boundary County.
  Ellen Weissman (D) Sandpoint

Idaho State House of Representatives District 1B

Currently held by Sage Dixon
Filing information
Sage Dixon (R) Ponderay, and his wife Veronica moved their family to North Idaho 12 years ago. They came seeking a more independent, less regulated lifestyle from where they were living. After sharing a home with friends, and then living in a mobile home for a space of time, they were shown a small piece of acreage north of Sandpoint that is now home.
Stephen F. Howlett (D) Bonners Ferry, works in the construction industry and is owner of Stephen Howlett Remodeling. He’s no politician, he’s a small business owner who sees the current Legislative District 1 representative as only representing a tiny group that tears down rural communities with fear and division. He is deeply concerned about the prosperity of his rural community.

The Judicial Races

Supreme Court Justice

To succeed Justice G. Richard Bevan

Filing information
  G. Richard Bevan

Appellate Court Judge

Filing Information
  David W. Gratton
  Jessica M. Lorello

First District Court Judge

Filing information
District court races are decided during the state's primary election. However, if no candidate in a judicial race receives over 50 percent of the votes in the primary, the two candidates who received the greatest number of votes advance to the general election, which functions as a sort of judicial runoff election.

If a race advances to the general election, but one of the candidates leaves the race before that time, the candidate who received the next highest number of votes in the primary takes their spot on the general election ballot. In such a situation, if there is a tie for third place in the primary, the candidate to advance to the general election is chosen by lot by the secretary of state.
  Barbara Buchanan
  Cynthia K.C. Meyer
  Lansing L. Haynes
  Scott Wayman
  Rich Christensen
  John T. Mitchell:  From Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Degree from University of Idaho Bachelors of Science Communications/Journalism. Graduated 1985 University of Idaho College of Law, Juris Doctorate. Law clerk in the United States District Court of Idaho, and for the Federal U.S. District Court. Has served as Idaho District Court Judge since 2001.  Judge Mitchell has also served as a board member of the University Of Idaho College Of Law Advisory Council.
  Douglas A. Pierce

The Boundary County Races

Filing information for county offices
February 26: First day for filing declarations of candidacy for county candidates for the May 15 election.
There are three County Commissioner Districts, each with a commissioner to represent them, but voters county-wide vote for each county commissioner. To see the Boundary County Commission District map, click here.

County Commissioner District 3 (Four Year Term)

Currently held by Dan R. Dinning
  Dan R. Dinning (R)

County Commissioner District 1 (Two Year Term)

Currently held by LeAlan Pinkerton
  Wally Cossairt (R)
  Jeannie Robinson (D)
  Terry Spence (R)

County Clerk

Currently held by Glenda Poston
Glenda Poston (R), a native of Bonners Ferry, was appointed Boundary County Clerk in March, 2004, and won election later that year and in each election thereafter. In addition to her duties as clerk, Glenda serves on the Boundary County Fair Board, Bonners Ferry Planning and Zoning, and she's a member of the Friends of the Restorium, the Friends of Mirror Lake and the Bonners Ferry Rotary Club.
Beate Clark (R), Born in Europe, immigrated and became a U.S. citizen in 1994. She has lived in Boundary County since 2011. She has an accounting background being formerly employed as a tax accountant earlier in her career. More recently, she has worked in the Boundary County Treasurer’s department. She has also worked for the U.S. Postal Service.

County Treasurer

Currently held by Susan M. Larson
  Susan M. "Sue" Larson (R)

County Assessor

Currently held by David A. Ryals
  David A. Ryals (R)

County Coroner

Currently held by Mick M. Mellett
  Mick M. Mellett (D)

Precinct Committees

There are two parties, Democrat and Republican, and six count voting precincts, hence six committee people per party. Only the voters affiliated with the party and residing within that precinct votes for the party precinct committee person for that precinct. To see a map of the Boundary County Precincts, click here.

Democratic Central Committee

Bonners Ferry/Kootenai Precinct: Currently held by Clarice Mary McKenney
  Clarice Mary McKenney
Copeland Precinct: Currently held by Debbie Flory
  Michael E. Sheppard, Sr.
Moyie Spring Precinct: Currently held by Fay Morris
  Fay Morris
North Bonners Ferry Precinct: Currently vacant
  Greg Johnson
Naples Precinct: Currently held by Stephen F. Howlett
  Stephen F. Howlett
Valley View Precinct: Currently held by Joel Huff
  Joel T. Huff

Republican Central Committee

Bonners Ferry/Kootenai Precinct: Currently held by Larry DeVore
  Bill A. Blumenauer
  Tim Heenan
Copeland Precinct: Currently held by Tim Dillin
  Tim Dillin
  Mark Moseley
Moyie Spring Precinct: Currently held by Caleb Davis
  Caleb Davis
North Bonners Ferry Precinct: Currently held by Wesley Hubbard
  Wesley Hubbard
  Patrick Murphy
Naples Precinct: Currently held by Ken Carter
  Ken Carter
  David Wilson
Valley View Precinct: Currently held by Linda Alt
  Linda Alt
Linda Fontanes
9 a.m. February 26
First day for filing declarations of candidacy with the county clerk's office of candidates for local races in the May 15 primary election.
5 p.m. March 9
Last day for filing declarations of candidacy with the county clerk's office for candidates for local races in the May 15 primary election with the county clerk.
Primary Election
May 15, 2018

General Election
November 6, 2018

Election Results will be posted on NewsBF as returns come in
Important Primary Election Dates
   March 9
Last day for an elector currently registered by party to change party affiliation or become “Unaffiliated” by filing a signed form with the county clerk for the primary election.
Last day for filing declarations of candidacy for candidates for the May 15 election with the county clerk for the primary election.
March 31
Last day declaration of intent may be filed by a write-in candidate with the county clerk for the primary election.
April 20
Last day to pre-register to vote with the county clerk for the primary election.
May 11
Last day for in-person absentee voting for the primary election.
May 15
Primary Election: 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.