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Idaho State House of Representatives District 1B

Sage Dixon

Sage Dixon (R) Ponderay, and his wife Veronica moved their family to North Idaho 12 years ago. They came seeking a more independent, less regulated lifestyle from where they were living. After sharing a home with friends, and then living in a mobile home for a space of time, they were shown a small piece of acreage north of Sandpoint that is now home.

"We have been blessed to share our property with a variety of livestock, a wonderful garden, fruit trees and are surrounded by beautiful views and gracious neighbors," he wrote.

​Dixon is currently employed as a superintendent for an electrical contracting firm in Coeur d'Alene, prior to that he owned his own small business for over eight years, operating out of Sandpoint and working in most of Bonner and Boundary Counties.

He was a finance major at San Jose State University, and did an internship with Shearson, Lehman and Hutton in the late 1980s. Following college, he entered the electrical field and has been involved in management for the past 15 years.

Politically, he had been asked or chosen to run for office multiple times over the past eight years. In 2011, Sage was selected by Bonner County Commissioners to be on the Property Rights Council, where he served as vice-chair. He was also the President of The Friends of Idaho, whose mission is to protect the Constitutional rights of Idaho and its citizens. In 2012, he was a candidate for Bonner County Commissioner.

"Idaho was founded on the same principles of liberty and independence that the United States were," he wrote. "Over time, our state has abdicated its rightful authority, from enforcing Federal mandates to allowing regulatory agencies to control our resources, we are losing our voice as a State in a Union. My intention is to regain Idaho's independence, protect her citizen's interests and promote her prosperity for the benefit of the present generation and generations to come."

Source: Candidate's website

Stephen F. Howlett

Stephen F. Howlett (D) Bonners Ferry, works in the construction industry and is owner of Stephen Howlett Remodeling. He’s no politician, he’s a small business owner who sees the current Legislative District 1 representative as only representing a tiny group that tears down rural communities with fear and division.

He is deeply concerned about the prosperity of his rural community. He seeks ways to keep rural Idaho industries profitable while protecting access to our public places to hunt and fish. He supports reinvesting in education and building more transparency in state government.

Stephen understands that North Idaho doesn’t want politicians, such as his opponent, who will lock us out of our treasured hunting and camping spots by selling them off to the highest bidder. He focuses on solutions to keep traditional industries, such as timber, vital while building an economy that puts today’s workers to work today.

Howlett has lived in the area since 1977 and has long been involved in local Democratic politics.

Source: Idaho Democratic Party website