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U.S. House of Representatives 1st District

Russ Fulcher

Russ Fulcher (R), Meridian, 55, is a fourth-generation Idahoan who believes in the industriousness and ingenuity of Idahoans. He wants our state to be a great place for families and businesses.

He is deeply concerned about the direction of our state and our nation. The overreach of government, both from Washington, D.C. and from Boise, is threatening our future. (Source: Fulcher website)

Fulcher was born in Boise but grew up on a dairy farm in Meridian. He married Kara Fulcher and together they have three children. Fulcher received both a bachelor's and master's degree in business administration from Boise State University in 1984 and 1988. He also completed a course on electronic engineering through Micron Technology.

In 2005, Fulcher was appointed by Governor Dirk Kempthorne to the Idaho State Senate representing Idaho's 21st Legislative District. Fulcher was first elected in 2006 and served till 2012. He then served in the Idaho Senate representing District 22 from 2012 to 2014. He served has State Senate Majority Caucus Leader from 2013 to 2014.

While a member of the Idaho legislature, Fulcher worked in the commercial real estate business. Prior to that, he was in Idaho’s technology industry doing business in 47 countries for 24 years. Fulcher spent much of that time working in international sales with Micron Technology. Fulcher currently works in the commercial real estate business. (Source: Candidate's website, Wikipedia)

Nick Henderson

Nick Henderson (R), Post Falls, was born into a mining family at Kootenai Medical Center, Coeur d’Alene. His father's career in took his family overseas, where Nick spent his youth growing up in mining towns around the world. This experience gave him a broad perspective when it comes to the world, the international community and how nuances in different cultures can shape global policy.

After returning to Idaho, Nick moved to Moscow to continue his education. Not long after he had moved back, radical terrorists attacked us on September 11. It was during this attack that he felt compelled to service.

Nick graduated with honors and shortly thereafter fulfilled his promise to serve. He enlisted in the U.S. Army as an infantryman, and he served primarily with the 4th Infantry Division. He saw heavy fighting in Iraq. The Army had a profound impact on shaping his leadership skills and style.

Nick finished his tour of duty and was honorably discharged, and began pursuing his life-long ambition, commercial pilot training. Not long after he began working in Alaska, he found himself serving as a legislative aide for Representative Cathy Munoz. Eventually, he moved to Senator Charlie Huggin's office in the Senate and House Joint Veterans Affairs Caucus. In the position he worked directly with law makers to craft legislation to support and advance the needs and care of Veterans in the state and across the country. His work in Alaska focused primarily on Veterans issues, but included a wide scope of responsibilities covering budget issues, community development, resource development, and constituent relations. During this period, Governor Sarah Palin appointed Nick as a Commissioner on the ServeAlaska Commission, which focused on community service across the state.

Over the past half-decade Nick has been working as a commercial pilot around the world, flying multiple aircraft in a handful of countries. Recognizing the future of the aviation industry Nick started his own company, Aerial Resources Group. Starting this company allowed Nick to move back home to Post Falls, to put down roots in his beloved Idaho, where his family has a rich history and heritage he cherishes. (Source: Candidate's website)

David H. Leroy

David H. Leroy (R), Boise, 70, has had a career in public service that has included terms as Ada County Prosecutor, Idaho Attorney General, Idaho Lieutenant Governor, Acting Governor of Idaho for 254 days and United States Nuclear Waste Negotiator.

Dave is a book and article author, and a constant speaker on the GOP Lincoln Day circuit and for the Idaho Humanities Council explaining the historic relationship of the 16th President to our State and even challenging listeners with a lecture on “What would Abraham Lincoln say to Donald Trump?” Nancy and Dave Leroy donated 210 Lincoln artifacts to the permanent 5 room “Lincoln Legacy” museum exhibit at the Idaho Archives Building. Other Lincoln historical items from Leroy are on display in the Idaho Statehouse, in and around the Lincoln Auditorium.

Raised in Lewiston, educated in Moscow at the University of Idaho, Dave holds three college degrees, including a Juris Doctorate and Masters of Law. He is a grandfather with two children, Jordan a lawyer and mom, and Adam, an archaeologist and father. Nancy, Dave’s wife, is a former Miss Boise and Miss Boise State University and has a degree in Sociology from that institution. (Source: Leroy website)

Leroy was elected Attorney General of Idaho in 1978. In 1982 he was elected lieutenant governor, replacing Phil Batt, who was a candidate for governor that year. Leroy served as lieutenant governor during the administration of Governor John V. Evans. In 1986 Leroy won the Republican nomination for Governor of Idaho. He lost in the general election to former Democratic Governor Cecil D. Andrus.

Leroy was appointed by President George H. W. Bush as United States Nuclear Waste Negotiator in 1990. He served in that capacity until 1993.

In 1994 he ran for the Republican nomination to the United States House of Representatives from the Idaho 1st Congressional District. He finished second behind Helen Chenoweth. (Source: Wikipedia)

Luke Malek

Luke Malek (R), Coeur d'Alene currently represents the Coeur d’Alene area in the Idaho House. His transition from the ranches of Wyoming to the mountains of North Idaho was a natural one. He grew up helping with irrigation and fixing fence and spent summers stacking hay bales and shoeing horses. He earned a scholarship to the College of Idaho and became student body president at a time when the college was struggling for survival.

Malek spent his college years fighting to keep Idaho’s premier liberal arts college from becoming a technical institute, and The College of Idaho continues strong today. Post-graduation, he was instrumental in the transition of Dirne Free Clinic to the full-blown Heritage Community Health Center it is today.

After serving the city of Post Falls, Luke decided to further serve his community he needed a law degree. He spent two and a half years in Moscow earning his Juris Doctorate from the University of Idaho, but couldn’t stay away from service. Even before he graduated six months early, he began his law career in the Kootenai County Prosecutor’s Office.

Luke answered the call to service once again when Representative Marge Chadderdon asked him to run for her seat in 2012. He worked to keep federal control out of Idaho’s healthcare, fought for mental health crisis centers across the state, and renewing Idaho’s roads.

In addition to serving Idaho in the legislature, Luke started Smith + Malek, a law firm serving Idahoans from Sandpoint to Boise.

Malek believes that government should meet constituents' needs and not the agenda of a far-off interest group. His priorities will remain with the people he serves. (Source: Candidate's website)

Donald Miller

Donald Miller (D), Meridian

Christy Perry

Christy Perry (R), Nampa, represents District 11B in the Idaho House of Representatives. She was first elected to the chamber in 2010 and is currently serving her fourth term in the Idaho State Legislature.

She was raised in a military family and grew up in Middleton, graduating from Middleton High School. From an early age, her family instilled in her strong conservative, Christian values and a tireless work ethic. Christy graduated Summa Cum Laude with her bachelor’s degree in political science from the Honors College at Boise State University.

Christy and husband, Matt, also a Middleton native, have been married for nearly 25 years.

Together, they have made every effort to pass on these core values to their three children and, now, three grandchildren. Christy is also the proud mother of an Iraq war veteran.

As a small business owner, Christy understands how important it is to minimize government regulation to allow businesses to thrive. Christy and her husband, Matt, co-own Buckhorn Gun Shop, a full-service gun shop which has proudly been supporting Second Amendment rights for more than 36 years. Christy and her husband are lifetime members of the NRA and are active in the shooting sports and affiliated organizations.

Christy is also an avid hunter and fisher, enjoying all that Idaho has to offer. She is committed to preserving recreational and sportsmen’s rights and was heavily involved in the “Save the Lake” campaign and the “Death of Recreation” parade in the face of the federal government’s efforts to restrict access to Lake Lowell in Canyon County at the expense of the local economy. Garnering national attention from FOX News and others, the efforts of Christy successfully combated the federal encroachment on our land and water rights and ensured continued access to Lake Lowell. (Source: Candidate's website)

Michael W. Smith

Michael W. Smith (D), Post Falls, is a 14 year veteran of both the United States Marine Corps and the U.S. Army. Supporting his campaign, he said, will bring the balance of our government back.

"As it stands now," he wrote, "all aspects of our government are controlled by Republican interests. This is a dangerous situation that has not happened since the Great Depression!"

Calling himself a progressive Democrat, Smith is fighting for a single payer healthcare system, a movement toward green and renewable energy, a nation wide living wage, lowering taxes on anyone making less than $750k annually and any business making less than $5 million annually, ending for profit prisons, reforming police policy regarding shootings and improving relations with the public, working to fix exorbitant student debt, protecting our national lands from privatized resource harvesting, nationally legalizing recreational marijuana, creating a path to citizenship that also increases our nation's security through immigration reform, investing in our decaying infrastructure, reforming defense spending to get better wages for service members instead of overcharging defense contractors and defending and expanding Social Security. (Sources: Candidate's Facebook, GoFundMe pages)

Michael Snyder

Michael Snyder (R), Bonners Ferry, is the author of four books, he has been a frequent guest on major radio and television shows all over the nation and his websites have been viewed more than 100 million times.

His father was in the U.S. Navy, so as a child he moved around quite frequently. After spending six years in Italy during his formative years, Snyder’s family settled in northern Virginia, where he attended high school. He attended the University of Virginia, where he received a Bachelor of Science in Commerce, and later he went on to law school at the University of Florida, where he received two degrees.

He worked as an attorney for several years in Washington D.C., but since late 2009 he has made a living through his writing.

In 2005, Michael married a remarkable woman named Meranda, and today they have a little two-year-old daughter named Atarah. They have been living in Bonners Ferry for almost six years.

Throughout his life, he has been known as a fighter for conservative causes. He knows what it is like to stand outside on winter mornings protesting abortion clinics in the freezing cold, and he has personally participated in the March for Life in Washington. Michael is not just another politician who uses the “Pro-Life” label to get votes. He has been a Pro-Life warrior for decades, and today his articles about abortion are some of the most widely read on the Internet.

Snyder is also a vigorous advocate for freedom and liberty. He wants a federal government that is much more limited in size and scope, and wants to transfer as much power back to the state governments and the people as possible.

A Bible-believing Christian, Snyder has ministered all over the country, and his personal relationship with Jesus Christ is at the very core of everything that he does and everything that he is. Many politicians are very hesitant to talk about their faith, but Michael is not ashamed to say that there is no hope for this nation unless we turn back to God. (Source: Candidate's website)

James Vandermaas

James Vandermaas (D), Eagle, Idaho, was born in Maryland, has two sisters and was abandoned by his father when he was just a one year old. His mother did the best she could, but they were raised in poverty. From about nine years old, James and his sisters had to work hard and contribute all they earned to help support the family.

He has an early history of the public service spirit; at fourteen he volunteered at a local fire department and later became a fireman/EMT-paramedic. Later, he turned to a career in law enforcement, from which he retired. Even while in law enforcement, he started several businesses, ran a successful telecommunications company, and has done business consulting and work on non-profits since.

James is proud of his three wonderful sons. He has been “mister mom” since 2000, eventually with full custody, and like many of us juggled quality time, work and daycare for years. His oldest son is a Marine who served for nine years in the United States Marines Corps with three tours in Iraq. His middle son is now working in Florida to be close to his sweetheart, and his youngest still lives here in Idaho.

James has a wide range of knowledge and experience including business management and consulting, police/fire 911 communications, dispatcher/trainer, SWAT Team, GIS crime analysis mapping, Technical Services Unit, Vice-President on the P.A.L. (Police Activities League) Board, mentoring to youth and troubled kids to prevent gang activity and more.

"I am tired of sitting on the sidelines when I know the people of Idaho are not being properly represented or respected," he said. "I have good ideas and solutions that can help make life better for us all." (Source: Candidate's website)