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Idaho State House of Representatives District 1A

Michael D. Boeck

Michael D. Boeck (R) Sandpoint, is a fourth-generation Idahoan, born in Sandpoint in 1949. His roots in North Idaho go back to his great-grandad, who worked as a millwright for Humbird Lumber Company and built the home where Mike was raised.

Boeck attended Sandpoint High School and went on to the University of Idaho, where he graduated with a B.S in Forestry and a commission as second lieutenant in the Idaho Army National Guard.

In 1971, he married Dee Morton of Sandpoint, and they have lived their entire married lives in north Idaho, where they raised their two children, Alyssa and Justin. They have three grand-children, Sydney, Henry and Isabel.

His professional career in the forest products industry began in 1972 as a forester for Kokanee Cedar Sales located in Naples. In 1973 he was hired by Merritt Brothers Lumber Company in Priest River, and over the next 20 years worked first as their resource manager and later as their general manager. After Merritt Brothers sold the Priest River sawmill, he continued as mill manager for Idaho Forest Industries and later Stimson Lumber Company.

In 2004, Merritt Brothers Lumber Company and Ponderay Valley Fiber in Usk, Washington, retained him to manage a cooperative venture between the stud and chip mill in Usk, and the planer mill in Athol. After three years at the Usk mill, he returned to his current position as resource manager for Merritt Brothers Lumber and TriPro Forest Products in Old Town. He currently serves as a commissioner on the Idaho Forest Products Commission, a position he's held for 20 years.

If elected, he will work to improve our roads, bridges and airports.

"It is important to also adequately address the needs of our county roads and bridges," he wrote. "Recent mud slides and washouts desperately need attention. I pledge to be a strong advocate and voice in Boise for Boundary and Bonner Counties’ road, bridge and transportation needs."

When he was 10 years old, Mike sold the Spokane Daily Chronicle on the streets of Sandpoint and learned the importance of hard work and how a job can influence your life.

"We must protect our existing jobs, whether they are in sustainable forest practices, recreation or tourism," he wrote. "In addition, we must encourage and support new opportunities in the growing aviation, technology and other industries that are drawn to North Idaho because of our superb quality of life."

If elected, he said he will listen to your concerns and see that you receive fair and equitable treatment from our state regulators.

"In addition, as your representative it is my obligation to review our state regulations to ensure they are appropriate and constructive and they keep us competitive in the market place and do not place undue burdens on our citizens," he wrote.

Source: Candidate's website

Kate McAlister

Kate McAlister (D) Sandpoint

Heather Scott

Heather Scott (R) Blanchard, originally from Ohio, and her husband, Andrew, have been living their American dream in North Idaho for the past 18 years. Before politics, she was a small business owner and a professional aquatic biologist. Her love for Idaho’s rural lifestyle keeps her busy running a small-scale farm, hunting, fishing, camping and wandering the west.

Heather holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and throughout her career, she has worked for various state and federal resource agencies and as a field biologist for private engineering firms who assisted clients in licensing and operating hydropower projects around the country.

"I believe hydropower is an extremely important renewable resource for Idaho and the entire nation," she wrote. "I have seen firsthand how excessive government regulations curtail efforts to find smart and positive energy solutions through the endless hurdles of federal rules and agencies."

Over the last decade, Heather has become acutely aware of increased governmental intrusions into her rural lifestyle.

"As your Representative, these concerns have grown more pressing and that is why I want to stay in this fight for our freedoms," she wrote. "Core American values as described by our Founding Fathers need to be preserved."

Her platform, she said, has remained unchanged since I first ran for office:
  • Support efforts to repeal the State Health Care Exchange and prevent Medicaid Expansion in Idaho.
  • Support legislation to transfer federal lands back to the State of Idaho.
  • Promote local control for education in our schools and ensure public education funds go to students, teachers and the learning process — not to extravagant administrative salaries and perks.
  • Strengthen private property rights and remain active in the water adjudication process for District 1.
  • Work to maintain Idaho citizens’ privacy protection from government data collection.
  • Promote and preserve our 2nd Amendment rights including a strong Castle Doctrine for Idaho.
  • Promote statewide legislation for term limits for elected officials.

"It has been my privilege to listen to issues affecting North Idaho families and businesses and work diligently to preserve your freedoms and rights," she wrote. "I want to continue to be the fresh, firm voice in Boise for residents of District 1."

Source: Candidate's website