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Brandon Woolf

Brandon Woolf (R) Boise, said that as State Controller and the chief financial officer for the State of Idaho, he's committed to being fiscally responsible, making our government more transparent and ensuring every cent of your tax dollars is accounted for in accordance with the law.

"The responsibilities you’ve entrusted to me since 2012 include paying all of the State of Idaho’s bills on the behalf of all state agencies, processing payroll for nearly 25,000 state employees, and maintaining Idaho’s centralized financial management reporting and accounting systems – the core applications state agencies use to conduct the peoples’ business," he wrote.

He said he's seeking another term of office because it’s critical that Idaho is served by a State Controller who is tight-fisted with the people’s money, knowledgeable, experienced and, most importantly, honest.

"It’s critical that your Controller be committed to following the precise letter of the law, have experience managing complex financial systems, demonstrate a steadfast commitment to customer service and government transparency and have proven experience managing a professional accounting, payroll and IT workforce," he wrote. "Thank you for entrusting me with this great responsibility. I’m honored to serve you as Idaho’s chief financial officer and State Controller."