Idaho anglers asked to take a poll ... no, uh, not pole
November 7, 2017
By Mike Demick
IDFG Conservation Information Supervisor

Interested anglers are reminded they have through November 13 to take part in an online survey about fishing in Idaho.

The survey, offered every five or six years, covers a variety of topics including how often people fish and their preferred fish species, what types of fishing regulations they support, and what important conservation priorities Fish and Game should pursue. Fish and Game is also interested in learning more about what other values are important to anglers, such as solitude or natural beauty.

The survey helps Fish and Game understand what anglers want, measure how well their expectations are being met, and to help focus Department efforts on activities that benefit both fish and anglers. Information collected will help Fish and Game propose draft fish management direction for the next six years.

The survey is available on Idaho’s Fish and Game’s website or by clicking here. It should take 10 to 15 minutes to complete.