Restorium Ramblings ...
Quite a lively winter at the Restorium
April 20, 2017
Residents at the Boundary County Restorium have been asked to write an article for publication in the local news on a quarterly basis, and we at News Bonners Ferry are delighted to welcome their writings ... we just wish they could write even more!

Life here in the Restorium is full of activity. We are blessed to have a staff who really cares about us and who do much to make our lives interesting.

This winter has been so severe, but several inside activities kept our folks busy so no one got cabin fever too badly!

Outside, though there was so much snow cover that we had an unusual “Snow Removal Crew.”

Several men from the penitentiary came to remove the three or four feet of snow on our roofs. The local TV station even came to talk to residents about them!

Two residents were interviewed and got their “15-minutes of fame” when the interview was shown that evening on the local station. Everyone said our residents did us proud!

We are blessed to have staff who take care to make sure the Restorium is as homey as possible.

Decorations magically appear for every season and every special holiday, and they are beautiful. Every month birthdays are celebrated with flowers for women and a meal choice for men.

Daily and monthly activities include exercise three mornings a week, bingo most days, bowling every Monday, various church services every Sunday, and a scenic bus trip on Tuesday mornings with an ice cream treat at the end ... Fun!

Wednesday offers movie time and/or special musical guests, ice cream socials and other miscellaneous fun or educational things to do.

The librarian comes on Thursday twice monthly. Books of choice are delivered. What a great service!

Thursdays are so special and so important to our residents because folks come in to give varied hair care.

All the ladies (and men) look really spiffy on Friday! Friday and Saturday are varied. Bible study happens on Friday. Saturday means a movie with popcorn. Sunday is church day with various local congregation holding services and special music. Church is very well attended.

Our director always emphasizes that the Restorium is “home” for the residents and they are to be treated with dignity. The staff is respectful and kind. Rare attitudes indeed.

Sadly, several residents have passed away this winter. All of us, residents and staff alike, are saddened. We want to express our sincere condolences to each family. We miss them.

Many thanks to Friends of the Restorium for all the many, many blessings of all kinds that they bestow on us. Every month the residents select one staff member to honor as Employee of the Month. Each chosen staff member is recognized with flowers and appropriate gifts.

Speaking of gifts, the Restorium is a great gift to its residents, its staff and to the community. Any questions or to volunteer, call 267-2453.

More Restorium ramblings next time!