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Forest Service announces current list of road closures
March 26, 2018
The Bonners Ferry Ranger District is closing the following roads in Boundary County:

• All of Myrtle Creek Road FSR #633
• Snow Creek Road FSR #402, from FSR #402a to FSR #2190
• Kootenai Ridge Road, all of Kootenai Ridge Road FSR #2190
• Placer Creek Connection Road FSR #2541, from Deer Creek Road FSR # 435 to Deer Ridge Road FSR #2540

These roads are being closed to prevent damage to the road due to a soft road bed caused by snow melt. Additional information and maps for these closures is available online at

“We recognize that these closures are an inconvenience to the public,” said Heather Degeest, Acting Deputy Forest Supervisor. “The closure orders will be rescinded as soon as conditions improve.”

Visitors traveling on forest roads are encouraged to be mindful of changing conditions and snow at higher elevations. Excessive snowmelt causes road shoulders to be “soft” and unstable. Please avoid driving on soft roads and be aware that out sloped icy mountain roads can increase risk of sliding off the road, particularly when passing another vehicle. For additional information, or to report new road damage, please contact your local Ranger Station.
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