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Naples Honor Roll students announced
March 20, 2018
Naples Elementary School has released its list of Honor Roll students for Trimester 2.

Here is the list of Honor Roll students:

Naples 4th Grade Honor Roll ​Students

All A​s​:
• Wyatt Blackmore
• Josie Wortley

A​s and Bs​:
• Michael Daniel
• Baby (Willow) Defa​lco​
• Dustin Driver
• Gillian Gruszka
• Jesse Merritt
• Colton Reader
• Madison Regehr
• Albert Schultz
• Isaac Weaver

Naples 5th Grade Honor Roll ​Students

All As:
• Shiloh Barry
• Danny Brown
• Jesse Fess
• Myah Francis
• Hannah Gardner
• David Moore

All As and Bs:
• Jaden Marie Aguilar
• Riser Hanson
• Marissa Kaden
• Jordan Larson
• Tristan Sanders
• Alaina Schmier
• Kyra Sumpter
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