Ponderay PD seeks info on burglary
December 4, 2017
The Ponderay Police Department is seeking information from anyone with information that will help solve a burglary and theft.

"Details that we have so far are that on the night of November 24, an unknown male and female committed a burglary at Perfection Tire's Ponderay Store and were able to steal approximately $9,000 worth of various tires," detective Michael Victorino said.

The male suspect was driving what appears to be a dark blue Dodge truck with lighter colored bottom striping, pulling a tandem axle trailer.

The female, who is unknown at this point, was in a gray or silver Toyota Avalon-type sedan.

Detectives are looking for identification of the suspect(s) and/or any information that will lead to the identification of the persons and/or vehicles involved.

If you have information that might help solve this crime, please contact Detective Sergeant Mike Victorino, Ponderay Police Department, (208) 265-4251 or mvictorino@ponderaypd.org.