Girls working to serve on trip of a lifetime
December 2, 2017
Next June, ten young Boundary County women hope to embark on the trip of a lifetime. If they work hard enough and all goes to plan, they will be traveling to Thailand under the guidance of Global Gateway Network, a volunteer team of professional people seeking new ways to make life better by sharing the Good News through holistic service to help the hurting in remote parts of the world, and by giving young people here the chance to serve others, even as they themselves are blessed.

But they have a lot of work to do to earn their way.

The girls will be holding a yard, craft and bake sale from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday and Saturday, December 15-16, at the Homestead Great Room, 32 David Thompson Drive near Three Mile. You can expect to find a large variety of new and used items, and kids can get their faces painted for naught but a donation!

Aleah Litterell
One of those young women is Aleah Litterell, 17, the daughter of Josh and Jessie Litterell, born and raised in Boundary County.

Aleah loves to read and has collected enough books to open a small library. Aleah is an aspiring writer, a lover of nature and people.

She dislikes small talk, but loves to enter deeply into conversations with all people; especially the elderly. She can engage for hours while talking about history and listens intently as they talk about their life experiences.

Aleah is excited about this opportunity to travel, and she expects the trip to be life-changing. It certainly was that for her older sister Olivia, who spent time serving in Thailand last year with the Institute for Global Opportunities.

Aleah will be immersed in a completely different and beautiful culture. It has been a long-time dream of hers to experience village life. She is probably most excited about the time she will be able to spend in the mountain villages getting to know the Akha and Karen people and their way of life.

Aleah will donate her time and serve others while there through various work projects, as well as doing what she does best, loving people and listening to their stories, albeit through a translator! The girls will have opportunities to work together, spreading the love of Jesus by serving in multiple capacities.

They will also be able to enjoy some once in a lifetime experiences, such as riding elephants!

If you would like to donate anything to this sale to help these young women reach their goal, you can call or text Jessie Litterell at (208) 267-4448. Someone will be happy to come pick up your items.

And please make plans to attend their sale -- bring your children and enjoy shopping while they sit and get their faces painted! You'll find treasures ideal for yourself or to give as Christmas gifts, and your support will help these ten young women reach their dreams.