Local TV station KBCI 9 shut down
April 20, 2017
After discovering technical issues in the handling of a contract regarding the establishment of KBCI Channel 9 between the Boundary County Translator District Board and TechPartner, 6720 Main Street, Bonners Ferry, owned by former translator district board chair Michael Listman, the board held a special meeting April 4 and terminated the October 4, 2015, agreement, effectively taking the local television channel off the air.

The contract at issue was for TechPartner to manage the KBCI studio; the rebroadcasting of other channels that have always been rebroadcast are not affected.

"It was discovered that a violation to the Open Meeting Law occurred on October 4, 2015 at a special meeting held by the Translator Board," the board's April 4, 2017, minutes read. "Business discussed included the annual budget for 2015-2016; the contract to provide TV broadcast studio services to the county from TechPartner; the expired terms of Michael Listman and Barry Coleman; board appointment of board positions. As a result of the open meeting violation, all items discussed and approved were done so in violation of the Open Meeting Law."

"Due to some technical difficulties that the Boundary County Translator District is experiencing; programing/broadcasting of local KBCI channel 9 has ceased," district president Allen Gemmrig wrote in a press release submitted to the Bonners Ferry Herald April 12. "The other critical functions of the District associated with the translation and rebroadcasting will continue uninterrupted to assure that there will be a fair, efficient, and equitable distribution of television services within the area.

"At this time the District is evaluating how to best serve the public and exploring options for a path forward."