Sheriff opening a drug drop box Monday
April 20, 2017
By Michael Meier
Boundary County Public Information Officer

In co-operation with the Idaho TRUTH 208 project, the Boundary County Sheriff’s Office has elected to participate in a Drug Drop Box program.

The drug drop box, located in the lobby of the Sheriff’s Office, is designed to provide citizens of Boundary County with a safe and secure location for disposal of unused, expired or unneeded prescription drugs. The drop box is not intended for any drugs other than prescription drugs and is not intended for drug paraphernalia.

Drugs can be dropped off anonymously any time, day or night, but the drop box will be monitored by video at all times to ensure customer safety and proper usage. All items placed in the drop box should be in their original prescription containers and placed together in a suitable, clear plastic bag such as a large-sized Zip-Loc bag.

Syringes and needles, loose powders or items that might be subject to leakage cannot be accepted. The drug drop box will be available for use beginning Monday, April 24.

Sheriff Kramer wants to encourage people to properly dispose of their old prescriptions and keep them out of the hands of children or drug abusers. The addition of this drop box at the Sheriff’s Office will help with the proper disposal.

Other Drug Drop Off points in North Idaho are the Bonner County Sheriff’s Office, 4001 North Boyer Avenue, Sandpoint, 24 hour access, Sandpoint Police Department, 1123 Lake Street, Sandpoint, Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Spirit Lake Police Department, W6155 Main Street, Spirit Lake, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., and the Rathdrum Police Department, 8178 Main Street, Rathdrum, 24 hour access.

For questions on the drug drop box please call the Boundary County Sheriff’s Office at (208) 267-3151.