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Spring break up closures could begin soon
February 2, 2018
Once again it is the time of the year to think about break up road closures. Temperatures are warming up and hard surfaced roads are soaking in the sunshine and a surface thaw will soon begin. Cold nights will slow it down.

Please be proactive and start planning ahead for the closure of roads. Road and bridge will try to give good notice, however they can't predict the weather. When a sign is posted, the road will be closed to hauling 24 hours after the posting is up. From that day forward, a permit will be required for hauling on a closed road.

Permits will be available at no charge at the road and bridge office at 73 Sunrise Road. The office is open
from 6 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

If the warming trend continues, road and bridge will be closing county roads as needed, beginning posting as early as Monday, February 5. There is a 24 hour grace period after posting.

The allowable gross of the permitted vehicle will be based on 300 pounds per inch of tire width. When the temperatures stays below 26 degrees for a period of six hours, permits will be issued for normally legal loads on
an individual basis for early morning use. If the temperature stays below 26 degrees for six hours and the doesn't rise above freezing, they will look into all day use for normal legal loads.

Traveling with a load on a closed road without a permit is a citable offence. When driving on a closed county road, you must have a valid permit in the vehicle with you.

The Boundary County road closure list will be posted on the Boundary County web site.

If you are unsure if a road is closed, if you have essential supplies that need delivered or if you have questions, call Boundary County Road and Bridge at (208) 267-3838.
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