Pancakes power eight flight scholarships
January 11, 2018
T.J. Smith Johannes Snyder Caden Jones
By Gene Andrews
EAA Chapter 757 President/Secretary

Eight flight training scholarships have been awarded by the local Experimental Aircraft Association, EAA Chapter 757. The Chapter received eight applications and was able to fund all applicants to some degree.

Five students, Sarah Johnson, Jasper Johnson, Rory Johnson, Julene Johnson and Hailey Johnson, were funded for ground school training, a rigorous 16-week program given by Northern Air in preparation for pilot training.

The highest performing ground school students will be eligible for additional actual flight training funds.

Three previous scholarship recipients also received funds for advanced training. T. J. Smith will pursue tailwheel certification, Johannes Snyder instrument training, while Caden Jones will complete his private license training.

Funds for these scholarships are from monthly EAA Chapter 757 pancake breakfasts held during the summer months. Food for these breakfasts is donated by 3-Mile Café, juice by Super One or Safeway.

Go to the EAA Chapter 757 web site,, for additional EAA Chapter 757 information or contact Gene Andrews at (208) 610-8339 with questions or suggestions.

EAA meetings are held at 6 p.m. on the second Tuesday of each month at the Boundary County Airport, Northern Air training room, unless an alternate location is noticed. All interested are encouraged to attend. There is generally an information or training presentation along with the meeting.

The group is currently constructing a World War I Sopwith biplane replica much like the aircraft in our letterhead as a training exercise and fun project.