Serving Boundary County, Idaho, with fast, reliable high-speed Internet,
supporting Internet telephone and video-phone (VoIP), video, music and more!

Eco-friendly ... 75% wind powered!
Our WiMax state of the art wireless network is the newest broadband technology available on the market today. Faster downloads, easier 24/7 Internet access, reliable network service!

Six tower locations and more to come ... coverage available to nearly all of Boundary County ...
... If you're stuck using a satellite Internet service provider, if you are disappointed in the down-time of DSL, or if you still think dial-up is the only Internet connection available, you owe it to yourself to call
E.L. Internet Northwest!
Fast, friendly, LOCAL service from a family-owned business, E.L. Automation, that we've known and trusted for more than 20 years.

E.L. Internet Northwest
64 Automation Lane
Bonners Ferry, ID 83805
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News Bonners Ferry is grateful to be an E.L. Internet Northwest client ...

"When I started last year, I had no choice but to rely on a satellite ISP for Internet because it was the only service available where I'm at except for dial-up, and dial-up isn't sufficient for the bandwidth demands of uploading and providing timely Internet news. Even though I had the highest bandwidth offered, and paid the highest price, I was very often subject to 24-hour slowdowns in service because I momentarily exceeded the bandwidth cap ... and for a full day, speeds were no better than dial-up. There were also times we were off-line for periods of days.


We contacted all other local ISPs, and were told that, due to our location, service was unavailable. We called E.L. Internet Northwest soon after they began offering Internet service, and once again, we were told that their signal didn't reach us.


Instead of saying that they couldn't provide us high-speed internet, Eric, Matt and Jake came out several times, in good weather and bad, and found a way to get us a signal ... bringing us not only Internet, but more affordable phone service as well.


Since then, uploads that took more than an hour with satellite now take less than a couple of minutes, enabling me to get news out faster and when it matters most. We've had no down-time, and slow downs from uploading too much last only as long as the upload takes ... not all day. Being able to discontinue both our satellite ISP and our phone company, News Bonners Ferry has better service at less than half the monthly price we were paying.


Thanks to E.L. Internet Northwest, I'm able to better serve my readers, no matter where in the world they are. E.L. Internet Northwest is, by far, the best Internet Service Provider I've ever worked with, as good or better than DSL, and more reliable. And when I need help, it's good to know that a neighbor is going to answer the phone instead of an answering machine.

Mike Weland


News Bonners Ferry

(208) 946-4147

Monthly Rates
(Speeds up to 10 Mbps available ... but E.L. Internet Northwest's 1Mbps service far exceeds the needs of most homes and businesses.)
128k $35
256k $40
512k $45
768k $55
1Mbps $65
256k $70
512k $80
1Mbps $100

Reaching into the places in Boundary County no other ISP can hope to tread ... bringing true and dependable high speed Internet ...

E.L. Internet Northwest!

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