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Sign up to enter and win the $100 Grand Prize in our
Basketball Tournament Contest
March 14, 2018
March Madness is here, and somehow this madness has affected us here at Boundary County Live and NewsBF.  We are sponsoring a contest where you could win $100, if your basketball tournament bracket is good enough.

All you have to do to enter to win the Grand Prize ($100) is put together your best basketball bracket for the men's tournament, and enter your bracket in the Boundary County Live-NewsBF group in the Tournament Challenge.  When the Tournament Champion is crowned on Monday, April 2, the first place bracket in the Boundary County Live-NewsBF group will win the Grand Prize.  It's that easy!

But wait, there's more!  If you enter our contest, you aren't limited to just one bracket—we will let you enter  two brackets in our contest.

Entries in this exciting contest will close on Thursday, March 15, at approximately 9:00 a.m., when the first game of the Tournament begins, so don't wait, get your entry in soon.

Here are the Eleven Easy Steps to follow to enter the contest:

1.  See the official rules by CLICKING HERE

2.  Go to  If you already have an account on, sign in to your account.  If you don't already have an account, click on LOG IN, then click on SIGN UP

3.  Follow the instructions you will see to set up an account on  Along the way, you will be asked to select your "ESPN Name," which is the screen name you will be known by on the ESPN website.

4.  Once you are set up and have an account, click on the red box that says:  "Fill Out Your Bracket."  Or you can click on the menu on the left side of the page "Start Your Bracket"

5.  Once you have expertly filled in your bracket and submitted it, you are ready to join our Group for the contest.  On the left side of the screen, just below where the name of your bracket is listed, click on "Create or Join a Group."

6.  Scroll down on this page until you find the Search box that says "Search Groups."

7.  Enter the name of our Group in this search box.  Our group is named "BoundaryCountyLive-NewsBF"  Search for and find that group.

8.  Click the blue button "Join Group"

9.  In the drop-down area that opens up, click to checkmark the box next to the name of the bracket you would like to enter in our contest.  (This checkbox is to the right of the name of your bracket).  Or, if you have already created two brackets, click on the box next to each bracket to enter two brackets.  You will next need to enter our Secret Group Password.  In the box that says "Group Password," enter our password, which is "boundary madness"  (Shhhhh--don't tell anyone).  Once you have selected the bracket you wish to enter in our contest and have entered our password, click on the blue box that says "Join Group."

10.  You are now in our Group!  You can now follow along, check back to once in a while, and see how your bracket is doing in the Group during the Tournament!

11.  You're not quite done yet.  Since everyone is listed in our group under their ESPN screen name, we won't have any way of knowing what is the real name of the person who wins the contest.  So, to finish your entry in the contest, please send an e-mail to and provide us the following information:  Your ESPN name, your real name, and a valid e-mail and telephone number for communicating with you. This information is necessary so we can put a name to the anonymous bracket information on and thus determine the winners of our contest.  And so we can contact the winner of the contest and send them their prize. And because sending this e-mail is also a contest rule.

Remember, you can make two brackets and enter both in our contest.

Please see all contest rules by CLICKING HERE.

And remember this, the first game of the Tournament begins Thursday, March 15, at approximately 9:00 a.m. Pacific Time..  Once that game begins, our Group WILL BE CLOSED, no more entries will be allowed in (or out).  So---get your entry in RIGHT AWAY!  Because, today is pretty much the LAST DAY to enter--up until the first game begins tomorrow morning.  Don't delay, and GOOD LUCK!

P.S.  Please e-mail us if you have any questions:
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